Desalination, Vol. 237 (2009)

    Water Resources Management:
    New Approaches and Technologies
    14–16 June 2007 Chania, Greece,
    pp. 0-125

    Author Index

    G.P. Karatzas, M.P. Papadopoulou, K.P. Tsagarakis (Greece)
    EDITORIAL Water Resources Management:New Approaches and Technologies14–16 June 2007
    237(2009)1-1 Full Text

    Lampros Vasiliades, Athanasios Loukas (Greece)
    Hydrological response to meteorological drought using the Palmer drought indices in Thessaly, Greece
    237(2009)3-21 Full Text
    Christos Petalas, Vassilios Pisinaras, Alexandra Gemitzi, Vassilios A. Tsihrintzis, Konstantinos Ouzounis (Greece)
    Current conditions of saltwater intrusion in the coastal Rhodope aquifer system, northeastern Greece
    237(2009)22-41 Full Text
    M.P. Papadopoulou, E.A. Varouchakis and G.P. Karatzas (Greece)
    Simulation of complex aquifer behavior using numerical and geostatistical methodologies
    237(2009)42-53 Full Text
    George Tsakiris , Mike Spiliotis, Savvas Paritsis , Dimitris Alexakis (Greece)
    Assessing the water potential of karstic saline springs by applying a fuzzy approach: The case of Almyros (Heraklion, Crete
    237(2009)54-64 Full Text
    G. Kopsiaftisa, A. Mantogloub , P. Giannoulopoulosc (Greece)
    Variable density coastal aquifer models with application to an aquifer on Thira Island
    237(2009)65-80 Full Text
    Rodrigo Maia, Cristina Silva (Portugal)
    DSS applic ation at a river basin scale, taking into account water resources exploitation risks and associated costs: The Algarve Region
    237(2009)81-91 Full Text
    S. Devoldere, V. Vandenberghe, P. Borsányi, I. Nopens, S.W.H. Van Hulle (Belgium)
    Small scale modelling of river subcatchments: the Kleine Ronsebeek brook case study
    237(2009)92-98 Full Text
    Giovanni M. Sechi, Andrea Sulis (Italy)
    Dynamic attribution of water quality indexes in a multi-reservoir optimization model
    237(2009)99-107 Full Text
    Harris Georgoussisa , Christos Babajimopoulosa, Athanasios Panorasb, George Arampatzisb, Evangelos Hatzigiannakisb, Andreas Iliasb, Dimitrios Papamichaila (Greece)
    Regional scale irrigation scheduling using a mathematical model and GIS
    237(2009)108-116 Full Text
    Ioannis Tziakis, IoanisPachiadakis, Michael Moraitakis, Konstantinos Xideas, George Theologis and Konstantinos P. Tsagarakis (Greece)
    Valuing Benefits from Wastewater Treatment and Reuse using the Contingent Valuation Methodology
    237(2009)117-125 Full Text
    A. A. Jalali, F. Mohammadi, S. N. Ashrafizadeh (Iran)
    Effects of Process Conditions on Cell Voltage, Current Efficiency and Voltage Balance of a Chlor-Alkali by Membrane Cell
    237(2009)126-139 Abstract
    Eliane Aparecida Faria Amaral Fadigas, Juvenal Rocha Dias (Brazil)
    Desalination of Water by Reverse Osmosis Using Gravitational Potential Energy and Wind Energy
    237(2009)140-146 Abstract
    M. El-Naggar, G.M. Ibrahim, E. A. El-Kady and E. A. Hegazy (Egypt)
    Sorption mechanism of Cs+, Co2+ and Eu3+ ions onto EGIB sorbent
    237(2009)147-154 Abstract
    Jae-Bong Lee, Kwang-Kyu Park, Seok-Won Yoon, Pill-Yang Park, and Kyoug-Il Park (Korea)
    Improvement in desalination performance of carbon-based composite electrode
    237(2009)155-161 Abstract
    Ahmed Bdour, Moshrik R. Hamdi, and Zeyad Tarawneh (Jordan)
    Perspectives on sustainable wastewater treatment technologies and reuse options in the urban areas of the Mediterranean region
    237(2009)162-174 Abstract
    Y. Abboud, A. Abourriche, T.Saffaj, M. Berrada, M. Charrouf, A.Bennamara, H. Hannache (Morocco)
    A novel azo dye, 8-quinolinol-5-azoantipyrine as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in acidic media
    237(2009)175-189 Abstract
    Marco Ferraris, Carolina Innella, Alessandro Spagni (Italy)
    Start-up of a pilot-scale membrane bioreactor to treat municipal wastewater
    237(2009)190-200 Abstract
    Feng Xiao, Ju-Chang Howard Huang, Bao-jie Zhang, Chong-wei Cui (China, PR)
    Effects of low temperature on coagulation kinetics and floc surface morphology using alum
    237(2009)201-213 Abstract
    Eva Agus, Nikolay Voutchkov, David L. Sedlak (USA)
    Disinfection by products and their potential impacts on the quality of water produced by desalination systems: A literature review
    237(2009)214-237 Abstract
    Robert Y. Ning, Thomas L. Troyer (USA)
    Tandom reverse osmosis process for zero liquid discharge
    237(2009)238-242 Abstract
    Arnaldo Sarti, Roberto S. Côrtes, J.S. Hirasawa, Eduardo C. Pires, Eugenio Foresti (Brazil)
    Post-treatment of effluents from sulfate reduction process by anaerobic sequencing batch biofilm reactors
    237(2009)243-253 Abstract
    Ann-Sofi Jönsson and Ola Wallberg (Sweden)
    Cost estimates of kraft lignin recovery by ultrafiltration
    237(2009)254-267 Abstract
    Ranjana Das, Chiranjib Bhattacherjee, Santinath Ghosh (India)
    Effects of operating parameters and nature of fouling behavior in ultrafiltration of sesame protein hydrolysate
    237(2009)268-276 Abstract
    J. A. Herrera Melián, J. Arana, O. González Díaz, M.E. Aguiar Bujalance and J.M. Doña Rodríguez
    Effect of stone filters in a pond–wetland system treating raw wastewater from a university campus
    237(2009)277-284 Abstract
    Ahmet Kaya, Orhan Aydin,Cevdet Demirtas (Turkey)
    Experimental and theoretical analysis of drying carrots
    237(2009)285-295 Abstract
    A. Eslamimanesh, M.S. Hatamipour (Iran)
    Mathematical modeling of a direct contact humidification–dehumidification desalination process
    237(2009)296-304 Abstract
    S.M. Soufari, M. Zamen ,M. Amidpour (Iran)
    Performance Optimization of Humidification-Dehumidification Desalination Process Using Mathematical Programming
    237(2009)305-317 Abstract
    Chris R. Henderson, James F. Manwell and Jon G. McGowan (USA)
    A wind/diesel hybrid system with desalination for Star Island, NH: feasibility study results
    237(2009)318-329 Abstract
    Badr A. Habeebullah (Saudi Arabia)
    Potential of use of evaporator coils for water extraction in hot and humid areas
    237(2009)330-345 Abstract
    N. Yigit, G. Civelekoglu, I. Harman, H. Koseoglu, M. Kitis (Turkey)
    Effects of Various Backwash Scenarios on Membrane Fouling in a Membrane Bioreactor
    237(2009)346-356 Abstract
    Mahdi Haroun and Azni Idris (Malaysia)
    Treatment of Textile Wastewater with Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Reactor
    237(2009)357-366 Abstract
    C. A. Prochaska and A. I. Zouboulis (Greece)
    Treatment performance at different depths within vertical subsurface-flow experimental wetlands fed with simulated domestic sewage
    237(2009)367-377 Abstract
    E. Brauns (Belgium)
    Salinity gradient power by reversed electrodialysis: effect of model parameters on electrical power output
    237(2009)378-391 Abstract
    Kah-Young Song, Pyung-Kyu Park, Jae-Hyuk Kim, Chung-Hak Lee and Sangho Lee
    Coupling effect of 17ß-estradiol and natural organic matters on the performance of PAC adsorption /membrane filtration hybrid system
    237(2008)392-399 Abstract

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