Desalination, Vol. 236 (2009)

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    Vicki Chen (Australia)
    236(2009)0-1 Full Text

    Xue Bin Ke (Australia and China, PR), Zhan Feng Zheng, Huai Yong Zhu (Australia) , Li Xiong Zhangb, Xue Ping Gao (China, PR)
    Metal oxide nanofibres membranes assembled by spin-coating method
    236(2009)1-7 Full Text
    Y.K. Lin, G. Chen, J. Yang and X.L. Wang (China, PR)
    Formation of isotactic polypropylene membranes with bicontinuous structure and good strength via thermally induced phase separation method
    236(2009)8-15 Full Text
    Abdul Halim Mohd Yusof, Mathias Ulbricht (Germany)
    Structure variations of the grafted functional polymer brush enhance membrane adsorber performance
    236(2009)16-22 Full Text
    G.S. Rice, S.E. Kentish, A.J. O’Connor, A.R. Barber (Australia), A. Pihlajamäki, M. Nyström (Finland), G.W. Stevens (Australia)
    Analysis of separation and fouling behaviour during nanofiltration of dairy ultrafiltration permeates
    236(2009)23-29 Full Text
    V. Calabrò, S. Curcio, M.G. De Paola, G. Iorio (Italy)
    Optimization of membrane bioreactor performances during enzymatic oxidation of waste bio-polyphenols
    236(2009)30-38 Full Text
    Ali Rafe, Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi (Iran)
    Water and hexane permeate flux through UF polysulfone amide membrane
    236(2009)39-45 Full Text
    P. Sysel, V. Sindelar, M. Kubonova, K. Friess, V. Hynek and M. Sipek (Prague, Czech Republic)
    Membranes based on modified polyimides for gas and organic vapour separations
    236(2009)46-50 Full Text
    Seung-Eun Nam, Yeon-Kyung Seong, Jae Wook Lee, Kew-Ho Lee (Korea)
    Preparation of highly stable palladium alloy composite membranes for hydrogen separation
    236(2009)51-55 Full Text
    Cheng Sun, TorOve Leikne, Jan Weitzenböck,, Bernt Thorstensen (Norway)
    The effect of bilge water on a Biofilm–MBR process in an integrated shipboard wastewater treatment system
    236(2009)56-64 Full Text
    S.Venkatesan, K .M. Meera Sheriffa Begum (India)
    Emulsion liquid membrane pertraction of imidazole from dilute aqueous solutions by Aliquat-336 mobile carrier
    236(2009)65-77 Full Text
    C.G.P.H. Schroën, J.L. Van Roon, H.H. Beefink, J. Tramper, R.M. Boom (The Netherlands)
    Membrane applications for antibiotics production
    236(2009)78-84 Full Text
    W. Schier, F.-B. Frechen, St. Fischer (Germany)
    Efficiency of Mechanical Pre-Treatment on European MBR plants
    236(2009)85-93 Full Text
    M. Kraume, D. Wedi J. Schaller V. Iversen, A. Drews (Germany)
    Fouling in MBR – What use are lab investigations for full scale operation?
    236(2009)94-103 Full Text
    G. Laera, A. Pollice, D. Saturno C. Giordano and R. Sandull (Italy)
    Influence of sludge retention time on biomass characteristics and cleaning requirements in a membrane bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment
    236(2009)104-110 Full Text
    A. Grélot, A. Tazi-Paina L. Weinrich B. Lesjean, A. Grasmick (France)
    Evaluation of a novel flat sheet MBR filtration system
    236(2009)111-119 Full Text
    Y. Wang, Sanly, M. Brannock, G. Leslie (Australia)
    Diagnosis of Membrane Bioreactor Performance through Residence Time Distribution Measurements – A Preliminary Study
    236(2009)120-126 Full Text
    Long D Nghiem*, Nichanan Tadkaew, and Muttucumaru Sivakumar (Australia)
    Removal of trace organic contaminants by submerged membrane bioreactors
    236(2009)127-134 Full Text
    Julie Lebegue, M. Heran, A. Grasmick (France)
    Membrane air flow rates and HF sludging phenomenon in SMBR
    236(2009)135-142 Full Text
    Sumihar H.D. Silalahi, TorOve Leiknes J. Ali, Ron Sanderson (Norway)
    Ultrasonic Time Domain Reflectometry for investigation of particle size effect in oil emulsion separation with crossflow microfiltration
    236(2009)143-151 Full Text
    D.J. Chang, K.H.Choo, J.H. Jung, L. Jiang, J.H. Ahn, M.Y. Nam, E.S. Kim and S.H. Jeong (Korea)
    Foulant identification and fouling control with iron oxide adsorption in electrodialysis for the desalination of secondary effluent
    236(2009)152-159 Full Text
    Sumihar H.D. Silalahi, TorOve Leiknes (Norway)
    Cleaning Strategies in Ceramic Microfiltration Membranes Fouled by Oil and Particulate matter in Produced Water
    236(2009)160-169 Full Text
    Xuyun WANG, Lin Zhang , Dahai Sun, Quanfu An, Huanlin Chen(China, PR)
    Formation mechanism and crystallization of Poly(vinylidene fluoride) membrane via Immersion Precipitation Method
    236(2009)170-178 Full Text
    F.H. She, D. Gao, W.M. Gao , D.Y. Wu Z. Peng , M. Hoang L.X. Kong (Australia)
    Characterization of membranes with X-ray Ultramicroscopy
    236(2009)179-186 Full Text
    J.M. Kavanagh, S.Hussain, T.C. Chilcott, H.G.L. Coster (Australia)
    Fouling of Reverse Osmosis Membranes using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy – Measurements and Simulations
    236(2009)187-193 Full Text
    K. Northcott S. Kentish , J. Best, G. Stevens (Australia)
    Development of Membrane Testing Protocols for Characterisation of RO and NF Membranes
    236(2009)194-201 Full Text
    D. Veerasamy, A. Supurmaniam , Z.M. Nor (Malaysia)
    Evaluating the use of in-situ ultrasonication to reduce fouling during natural rubber skim latex (waste latex) recovery by ultrafiltration
    236(2009)202-207 Full Text
    T. Nguyen, L. Fan, F.A Roddick , J. L. Harris (Australia)
    A comparative study of microfiltration and ultrafiltration of activated sludge-lagoon effluent
    236(2009)208-215 Full Text
    Kevin W.K. Yee, Alessio Alexiadis, Jie Bao, Dianne E. Wiley (Australia)
    Effects of recycle ratios on process dynamics and operability of a whey ultrafiltration stage
    236(2009)216-223 Full Text
    A. Drews, H. Arellano-Garcia, J. Schöneberger, J. Schaller, G. Wozny, M. Kraume (Germany)
    Model-based recognition of fouling mechanisms in membrane bioreactors
    236(2009)224-233 Full Text
    Stefano Curcio, Vincenza Calabrò, Gabriele Iorio (Germany)
    Reduction and control of flux decline in cross-flow membrane processes modeled by artificial neural networks and hybrid systems
    236(2009)234-243 Full Text
    M. W. D. Brannock, Heleen De Wever, Y. Wang, G. Leslie (Germany)
    Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of MBRs: Inside Submerged Versus Outside Submerged Membranes
    236(2009)244-251 Full Text
    Sergey P. Agashichev (UAE)
    Modeling the Influence of Temperature on Gel-enhanced Concentration Polarization in Reverse Osmosis
    236(2009)252-258 Full Text
    Ryosuke Tagai (Japan)
    Effect of support on rejection
    236(2009)259-265 Full Text
    E.R. Cornelissen L. Rebour, D. van der Kooij and L.P. Wessels (the Netherlands)
    Optimization of air/water cleaning (AWC) in spiral wound elements
    236(2009)266-272 Full Text
    Long D Nghiem and Simon Hawkes (Australia)
    Effects of membrane fouling on the nanofiltration of trace organic contaminants
    236(2009)273-281 Full Text
    H.K. Shon, S. Vigneswaran, M.H. Zareie, R. Ben Aim, E. Lee J. Lee, J. Cho, In S. Kim (Australia)
    Physico-Chemical Pretreatment to Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO): Organic Characterization and Membrane Autopsy
    236(2009)282-290 Full Text
    S. Wijaya, M.C. Duke and J.C. Diniz da Costa (Australia)
    Carbonised Template Silica Membranes for Desalination
    236(2009)291-298 Full Text
    Ling Wu, Lei SONG, Xiao-Lin Wang, Yasuhiro Tomi, Masaaki Ando, Takuji Shintani (China, PR)
    Experimental Study on Separation Performance of Nanofiltration Membranes for Bicarbonate Salts Solution
    236(2009)299-305 Full Text
    Wei-Juan Shang, Cong-Hui Tu and Xiao-Lin Wang (China, PR)
    Theoretical calculation of reflection coefficients of single salt solutions through charged porous membranes
    236(2009)306-315 Full Text
    Xiao-Lin Wang, Wei-Juan Shang, Da-Xin Wang, Ling Wu, Cong-Hui Tu (China, PR)
    Characterization and applications of nanofiltration membranes - State of the art
    236(2009)316-326 Full Text
    Natalie Pereiraa, Alexander St John, Robert W. Cattrall,, Jilska M. Perera and Spas D. Kolev (Australia)
    Influence of the Composition of Polymer Inclusion Membranes on their Homogeneity and Flexibility
    236(2009)327-333 Full Text
    E.R. Cornelissen, E.F. Beerendonk, M.N. Nederlof, J.P. van der Hoekd L.P. Wessels (The Netherlands)
    Fluidized Ion Exchange (FIX) to control NOM fouling in ultrafiltration
    236(2009)334-341 Full Text
    You-In Park, Beom-Sik Kim, Yong-Hoon Byun, Sang-Hak Lee, Eun-Woo Lee, Jung-Min Lee (Korea)
    Preparation of supported ionic liquid membranes (SILMs) for the removal of acidic gases from crude natural gas
    236(2009)343-348 Full Text
    Yuzhong Zhang, Chunming Ma, Feng Ye, Ying Kong Hong Li (China, PR)
    The treatment of wastewater of paper mill with integrated membrane process
    236(2009)349-356 Full Text
    S.G.J. Heijman , H. Guo, ,S.Li, J.C. van Dijk1, L.P. Wessels (The Netherlands)
    Zero liquid discharge: heading for 99% recovery in nanofiltration and reverse osmois
    236(2009)357-362 Full Text
    V. T. Nguyen, S. Vigneswaran, H. H. Ngo, H.K. Shon, and J. Kandasamy (Australia)
    Arsenic removal by a membrane hybrid filtration system
    236(2009)363-369 Full Text
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