Desalination, Vol. 227 (2008)

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    Oxford 2006
    First Oxford and Nottingham Water and Membranes Research Event
    2–4 July 2006, Oxford, UK
    Selected Papers Pages 1-138

    N.P. Hankins (Oxford) and N. Hilal (Nottingham, UK)
    First Oxford and Nottingham Water and Membranes Research Event 24 July 2006
    227(2008)1-2 Full Text

    W. Richard Bowen (UK)
    Strategies for engineering development: Advancing technology, prioritising people
    227(2008)3-13 Full Text
    Rajindar Singh (USA)
    Sustainable fuel cell integrated membrane desalination systems
    227(2008)14-33 Full Text
    M. Wallace, Z. Cui and N.P. Hankins (UK)
    A thermodynamic benchmark for assessing an emergency drinking water device based on forward osmosis.
    227(2008)34-45 Full Text
    Khalid Al-Anezi, Chris Somerfield, David Mee, Nick Hankins and Nidal Hilal (UK)
    Effect of anti-scale agents on the solubility of CO2 in seawater at temperatures of 60-90C and pressures of 1-2 bar
    227(2008)46-56 Full Text
    C. Tizaoui, R.I. Bickley, M.J. Slater, W-J. Wang, D.B. Ward, A. Al-Jaberi (UK)
    A comparison of novel ozone-based systems and photocatalysis for the removal of water pollutants
    227(2008)57-71 Full Text
    Francesco Fatone, Paolo Battistoni, David Bolzonella, Paolo Pavan, Franco Cecchi (Italy)
    Long-term experience with an automatic process control for nitrogen removal in membrane bioreactors
    227(2008)72-84 Full Text
    R. Zhang, S. Vigneswaran, H. Ngo and H. Nguyen (Australia)
    Fluidized bed magnetic ion exchange (MIEX®) as pre-treatment process for a submerged membrane reactor in wastewater treatment and reuse
    227(2008)85-93 Full Text
    Tan Phong Nguyen, Nidal Hilal, Nicholas P. Hankins (UK), John T. Novak (USA)
    The relationship between cation ions and polysaccharide on the floc formation of synthetic and activated sludge
    227(2008)94-102 Full Text
    Tan Phong Nguyen, Nidal Hilal, Nicholas P. Hankins (UK), John T. Novak (USA)
    Characterization of synthetic and activated sludge and conditioning with cationic polyelectrolytes
    227(2008)103-110 Full Text
    E. Arkhangelsky (Israel), B. Steubing (Switzerland), E. Ben-Dov, A. Kushmaro and V. Gitis (Israel)
    Influence of pH and ionic strength on transmission of plasmid DNA through ultrafiltration membranes
    227(2008)111-119 Full Text
    Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh, Hasan A. Al-Salah, Ehab Al Shamileh (Jordan), Danail Donchev (Germany)
    Polyamide-based composite membranes: Part 2. Interaction, crystallization and morphology
    227(2008)120-131 Full Text
    Robert Field, David Hughes, Zhanfeng Cui and Uday Tirlapur (UK)
    Some observations on the chemical cleaning of fouled membranes
    227(2008)132-138 Full Text
    Xihui Gu, Jiti Zhou, Aili Zhang, Ping Wang, Min Xiao and Guangfei Liu (China, PR)
    Feasibility study of the treatment of aniline hypersaline wastewater with a combined adsorption/bio-regeneration system
    227(2008)139-149 Full Text
    Dorota Kolodynska, Halina Hubicka, Zbigniew Hubicki (Poland)
    Sorption of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions in the presence of EDTA on monodisperse anion exchangers
    227(2008)150-166 Full Text
    A. Tawfik; M. Sobhey; M. Badawy (Egypt)
    Treatment of a combined dairy and domestic wastewater in an Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) reactor followed by activated sludge (AS-system)
    227(2008)167-177 Full Text
    Vimal Dimri, Bikash Sarkar, Usha Singh, and G.N.Tiwari (India)
    Effect of condensing cover material on yield of an active solar still: an experimental validation
    227(2008)178-189 Full Text
    N.A. Oladoja, C.O. Aboluwoye, Y.B. Oladimeji, A.O. Ashogbon and I.O. Otemuyiwa (Nigeria)
    Studies on castor seed shell as a sorbent in basic dye contaminated wastewater remediation
    227(2008)190-203 Full Text
    Lina M. Ortega, Remi Lebrun, Jean-Francois Blais and Robert Hausler (Canada)
    Removal of metal ions from an acidic leachate solution by nanofiltration membranes
    227(2008)204-216 Full Text
    J. R. Lara, G. Noyes, and M. T. Holtzapple (USA)
    An Investigation of High Operating Teperatures in Mechanical Vapor-Compression Desalination
    227(2008)217-232 Full Text
    Nese Ozturk, T. Ennil Kose (Turkey)
    Boron removal from aqueous solutions by ion-exchange resin: Batch studies
    227(2008)233-240 Full Text
    M.A.S. Rodrigues, M.R. Bischoff,, F.D.R. Amado , C.A. Ferreira, A.M. Bernardes and J.Z. Ferreira (Brazil)
    Transport of Zinc- Complexes through anion exchange membrane
    227(2008)241-252 Full Text
    H. Koseoglu, N. Kabay, M. Yuksel, S. Sarp, O. Arar, and M. Kitis (Turkey)
    Boron removal from seawater using high rejection SWRO membranes- The impacts of pH, feed concentration, pressure, and cross-flow velocity
    227(2008)253-263 Full Text
    Berrin Tansel, John Sager, Jay Garland, Shaohua Xu, Lanfang Levine, Patricia Bisbee (USA)
    Biofouling affinity of membrane surfaces under quiescent conditions
    227(2008)264-273 Full Text
    Azza Hafez, Maaly Khedr, Kamel-EL-Katib, Hanaa Gad Alla (Egypt)
    El Salaam canal project, Sinai, II- Chemical water quality investigations
    227(2008)274-285 Full Text
    Zhang Bin, Sun Baosheng, Jin Min, Gong Taishi, Gao Zhenghong (China, PR)
    Extraction and Analysis of Extracellular Polymeric Substances in membrane fouling in MBR
    227(2008)286-294 Full Text
    Nobuya Fujiwara and Hideto Matsuyama (Japan)
    Elimination of Biological Fouling in Seawater Reverse Osmosis Membrane Plants
    227(2008)295-305 Full Text
    Dae Hyun Kim and Bryan M. Jenkins (USA)
    Rates of drainage-water evaporite salt dissolution in water
    227(2008)306-313 Full Text
    F. Ruggieri , J.L.Fernandez-Turiel, D. Gimeno, F. Valero, J.C. Garcia, M.E. Medina (Spain)
    Limestone selection criteria for EDR water remineralization
    227(2008)314-326 Full Text
    M.A. Menkouchi Sahli, S. Annouar, M. Mountadar, A. Soufiane and A.Elmidaoui (Morocco)
    Nitrate removal of brackish underground water by chemical adsorption and by electrodialysis
    227(2008)327-333 Full Text
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