Desalination, Vol. 226 (2008)

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    DipCon 2006
    10th IWA International Specialized Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Sustainable Basin Management
    September 18-22, 2006, Istanbul, Turkey

    Sureyya Meric (Italy), Despo Fatta (Italy), Melike Gurel (Turkey) and Ralp Heath (South Africa)
    226(2008)vii- Full Text

    R. Kunkel, M. Eisele, W. Schafer, B. Tetzlaff F. Wendland (Germany)
    Planning and implementation of nitrogen reduction measures in catchment areas based on a determination and ranking of target areas
    226(2008)1-12 Full Text
    L.Ribbe (Germany), P. Delgado, E. Salgado (Chile), and W.-A. Flugel (Germany)
    Nitrate pollution of surface water induced by agricultural non-point pollution in the Pocochay watershed, Chile
    226(2008)13-20 Full Text
    G. Kocasoy and Hatice Imer Mutlu and B. Aylin Zeren Alagoz (Turkey)
    Prevention of marine environment pollution at the tourism regions by the application of a simple method for the domestic wastewater
    226(2008)21-37 Full Text
    Mansoor Ahmed Baloch, Aysegul Tanik (Turkey)
    Development of an Integrated Watershed Management Strategy for resource conservation in Balochistan Province of Pakistan
    226(2008)38-46 Full Text
    H. Abbo and I. Gev (Israel)
    Numerical model as a predictive analysis tool for rehabilitation and conservation of the Israeli Coastal Aquifer: example of the SHAFDAN Sewage Reclamation project
    226(2008)47-55 Full Text
    E. Gorgun, Ali Fuat Aydin, E. Citil, and C. Kinaci (Turkey)
    National sectoral plans aiming to control land based sources of pollution for the Mediterranean Sea Coast in Turkey
    226(2008)56-65 Full Text
    Terence J. Centner, Michael E. Wetzstein, and Jeffrey D. Mullen (USA)
    Small livestock producers with diffuse water pollutants: adopting a disincentive for unacceptable manure application practices
    226(2008)66-71 Full Text
    Á. Kovacs and M. Honti (Hungary)
    Estimation of diffuse phosphorus emissions at small catchment scale by GIS-based pollution potential analysis
    226(2008)72-80 Full Text
    Roberta Salvetti, Marco Acutis, Arianna Azzellino, Marta Carpani, Carlo Giupponi, Paolo Parati and Manfredi Vale Renato Vismara (Italy)
    Modelling the point and non-point nitrogen loads to the Venice Lagoon (Italy): the application of water quality models to the Dese-Zero basin
    226(2008)81-88 Full Text
    P.N.M. Schipper, L. Bonten, A.C.C. Plette, and S.W. Moolenaar (The Netherlands)
    Measures to diminish leaching of heavy metals to surface waters from agricultural soils
    226(2008)89-96 Full Text
    Y.J. Jung (Korea), M.K. Stenstrom (USA), D.I. Jung, L.H. Kim, K.S. Min (Korea)
    National pilot projects for management of diffuse pollution in Korea
    226(2008)97-105 Full Text
    M. Burkhardt, L. Rossi and M. Boller (Switzerland)
    Diffuse release of environmental hazards by railways
    226(2008)106-113 Full Text
    Anne-Grete B. Blankenberg, Anne-Kristine Sovik and Ketil Haarstad (Norway)
    Nitrogen retention in constructed wetland filters treating diffuse agriculture pollution (Norway)
    226(2008)114-120 Full Text
    Osman A. Arikan (USA; Turkey), Clifford Rice and Eaton Codling (USA)
    Occurrence of antibiotics and hormones in a major agricultural watershed
    226(2008)121-133 Full Text
    Ray Earle and Sean Blacklocke (Ireland)
    Master plan for water framework directive activities in Ireland leading to River Basin Management Plans
    226(2008)132-142 Full Text
    Fiona Napier, Brian D’Arcy and Chris Jefferies (UK)
    A review of vehicle related metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the UK environment
    226(2008)143-150 Full Text
    Tomohiro Kose, Takashi Yamamoto, Aya Anegawa, Shino Mohri and Yoshiro Ono (Japan)
    Source analysis for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon in road dust and urban runoff using marker compounds
    226(2008)151-159 Full Text
    F. Wendland, G. Berthold (Germany), A. Blum, P. Elsass (France), J.-G. Fritsche, R. Kunkel and R. Wolter (Germany)
    Derivation of natural background levels and threshold values for groundwater bodies in the Upper Rhine Valley (France, Switzerland and Germany)
    226(2008)160-168 Full Text
    Eduardo von Sperling, Andrea Cristina da Silva Ferreira and Lenora Nunes Ludolf Gomes (Brazil)
    Comparative eutrophication development in two Brazilian water supply reservoirs with respect to nutrient concentrations and bacteria growth
    226(2008)169-174 Full Text
    Nilgun B. Harmancioglu (Turkey), Kurt Fedra (Autria) and Filiz Barbaros (Turkey)
    Analysis for sustainability in management of water scarce basins: the case of the Gediz River Basin in Turkey
    226(2008)175-182 Full Text
    Victor Silvan van den Berg and Frank van Lamoen (The Netherlands)
    An integrated approach on pollution abatement in rural areas; regional pilot projects in the Province of North-Brabant
    226(2008)183-189 Full Text
    Takao Kunimatsu, Koyomi Nakazawa (Kapan) and Jens Hartmann (Germany)
    Method of evaluating nutrient loads through the atmosphere onto lakes
    226(2008)190-199 Full Text
    Paulo A. Diogo, Margarida Fonseca, Pedro S. Coelho, Nelson S. Mateus, Manuel C. Almeida, A.C. Rodrigues (Portugal)
    Reservoir phosphorous sources evaluation and water quality modeling in a transboundary watershed
    226(2008)200-214 Full Text
    Yoshihiko Matsui, Takahiro Ozu, Takanobu Inoue and Taku Matsushita (Japan)
    Occurrence of a veterinary antibiotic in streams in a small catchment area with livestock farms
    226(2008)215-221 Full Text
    Anatoli Vassiljev,, Irina Blinova and Peeter Ennet (Estonia)
    Source apportionment of nutrients in Estonian rivers
    226(2008)222-230 Full Text
    Erdogan Okus, Izzet Ozturk, Halil Ibrahim Sur, Ahsen Yuksek, Seyfettin Tas, Asli Aslan-Yilmaz, Husne Altiok, Nuray Balkis, Ertugrul Dogan, Suleyman Ovez, Ali Fuat Aydin (Turkey)
    Critical evaluation of wastewater treatment and disposal strategies for Istanbul with regards to water quality monitoring study results
    226(2008)231-248 Full Text
    Selma C. Ayaz
    Post-treatment and reuse of tertiary treated wastewater by constructed wetlands
    226(2008)249-255 Full Text
    Andreja Drolc and Jana Zagorc-Koncan (Slovenia)
    Diffuse sources of nitrogen compounds in the Sava River Basin, Slovenia
    226(2008)256-261 Full Text
    Marco Guida, Mafalda Inglese, and Sureyya Meric (Italy)
    A multi-battery toxicity investigation on fungicides
    226(2008)262-270 Full Text
    M. Moroglu and M. Yazgan (Turkey)
    Implementation of EU Water Framework Directive in Turkey
    226(2008)271-278 Full Text
    Hande Demirel, Elif Sertel, Sinasi Kaya, Dursun Zafer Seker (Turkey)
    Exploring impacts of road transportation on environment: A spatial approach
    226(2008)279-288 Full Text
    Elif Bulut, Aysegul Aksoy (Turkey)
    Impact of fertilizer usage on phosphorus loads to Lake Uluabat
    226(2008)289-297 Full Text
    Cevza Melek Kazezyelmaz-Alhan, and Miguel A. Medina Jr. (USA)
    The effect of surface/ground water interactions on wetland sites with different characteristics
    226(2008)298-305 Full Text
    A.D. Nikolaou (Greece), Sureyya Meric (Italy), Demetris F. Lekkas (Greece), Vincenzo Naddeo, Vincenzo Belgiorno (Italy), Stoyan Groudev (Bulgaria), Aysegul Baysal Tanik (Greece)
    Multi-parametric water quality monitoring approach according to the WFD application in Evros trans-boundary river basin: priority pollutants
    226(2008)306-320 Full Text
    Fikriye Baltaci, Aylin Kubra Onur and Sait Tahmiscioglu (Turkey)
    Water quality monitoring studies of Turkey with present and probable future constraints and opportunities
    226(2008)321-327 Full Text
    S.Y. Park, K.W. Lee, I.H. Park, and S.R. Ha (Korea)
    Effect of the aggregation level of surface runoff fields and sewer network for a SWMM simulation
    226(2008)328-337 Full Text
    Nguyen Pham Hong Lein, Shigeo Fujii, Shuhei Tanaka, Munehiro Nozoe, Hiroaki Tanaka (Japan)
    Contamination of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) in surface water of the Yodo River basin (Japan)
    226(2008)338-347 Full Text
    E.H. Gunesf, Y. Gunes and I.Talinie (Turkey)
    Toxicity Evaluation of Industrial and Land Base Sources in a River Basin
    226(2008)348-356 Full Text
    Hülya Genc-Fuhrman, Peng Wu, Yushan Zhou and Anna Ledin (Denmark)
    Removal of As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni and Zn from polluted water using an iron based sorbent
    226(2008)357-370 Full Text
    Eva Eriksson, Nina Christensen, Jens Ejbye Schmidt and Anna Ledin (Denmark)
    Potential priority pollutants in sewage sludge
    226(2008)371-388 Full Text
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