Desalination, Vol. 224 (2008)

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    Aachen 2007
    Aachener Membran Kolloquium
    Aachen, Germany, 28–29 March, 2007
    Selected Papers Pages 1-220

    AQUA 2006
    2nd International Conference on Water Science and Technology-Integrated Management of Water Resources
    Athens, Greece, November 2006
    Selected Papers Pages 221-339

    T. Melin (Germany)
    Editorial 11th Aachener Membran Kolloquium
    224 (2008) ix-x Full Text
    Helene Bouju, Gianluigi Buttiglieri, Francesca Malpei (Italy)
    Perspectives of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) removal in an MBR pilot plant
    224 (2008) 1-6 Full Text
    Torsten Brinkmann, Carsten Scholles, Jan Wind, Thorsten Wolff, Andreas Dengel, Wulf Clemens (Germany)
    Processing of coal mine gas with low methane concentrations for use in high-temperature fuel cells
    224 (2008) 7-11 Full Text
    Evgenia Chilyumova, Jorg Thoming (Germany)
    Nanofiltration of bivalent nickel cations - model parameter determination and process simulation
    224 (2008) 12-17 Full Text
    Svetlana Chupakhina, Volker Kottke (Germany)
    Using a yeast cell layer as a secondary membrane in microfiltration
    224 (2008) 18-22 Full Text
    Peter Czermak, David L. Grzenia (Germany, USA), Anne Wolf (Germany), Jonathan O. Carlson, Rachel Specht, Binbing Han,S. Ranil Wickramasinghe (USA)
    Purification of the densonucleosis virus by tangential flow ultrafiltration and by ion exchange membranes
    224 (2008) 23-27 Full Text
    M.T. Del Pozo Gomez, Andreas Klein, Jens -Uwe Repke, Guenter Wozny (Germany)
    A new energy integrated pervaporation distillation approach
    224 (2008) 28-33 Full Text
    Nazely Diban, Ane Urtiaga, Inmaculada Ortiz (Spain)
    Recovery of key components of bilberry aroma using a commercial pervaporation membrane
    224 (2008) 34-39 Full Text
    Mehrdad Ebrahimi, Galia Lavi, Thomas Schmidts, Frank Runkel (Germany), Peter Czermak (USA)
    Development and production of oil-in-water vehicles — sub-micron emulsion using tubular ceramic membranes
    224 (2008) 40-45 Full Text
    Larisa Engel, Mehrdad Ebrahimi (Germany), Peter Czermak (USA)
    Membrane-chromatography-reactor-system for the continuous synthesis of galactosyl-oligosaccharides
    224 (2008) 46-51 Full Text
    Jose F. Fernandez (Germany and Venezuela), Daniel Waterkamp, Jorg Thoming (Germany)
    Recovery of ionic liquids from wastewater: Aggregation control for intensified membrane filtration
    224 (2008) 52-56 Full Text
    Bernhard Gemende, Anja Gerbeth, Nicole Pausch, Andreas von Bresinsky (Germany)
    Tests for the application of membrane technology in a new method for intensive aquaculture
    224 (2008) 57-63 Full Text
    Karen Gerstandt, K.-V. Peinemann (Germany), Stein Erik Skilhagen, Thor Thorsen, Torleif Holt (Norway)
    Membrane processes in energy supply for an osmotic power plant
    224 (2008) 64-70 Full Text
    Matthias Gloede, Thomas Melin (Germany)
    Physical aspects of membrane scaling
    224 (2008) 71-75 Full Text
    Pavel Hrabanek, Arlette Zikanova, Bohumil Bernauer, Vlastimil Fíla, Milan Kocirík (Czech Republic)
    A route to MFI zeolite-a-alumina composite membranes for separation of light paraffins
    224 (2008) 76-80 Full Text
    Rob Klaassen, Paul Feron, Albert Jansen (The Netherlands)
    Membrane contactor applications
    224 (2008) 81-87 Full Text
    Chen Ning Koh, Thomas Wintgens, Thomas Melin (Germany), Frans Pronk (The Netherlands)
    Microfiltration with silicon nitride microsieves and high frequency backpulsing
    224 (2008) 88-97 Full Text
    Frank Lipnizki (Denmark)
    Opportunities and challenges of using ultrafiltration for the concentration of diluted coating materials
    224 (2008) 98-104 Full Text
    Jens Lipnizki (Germany)
    Optimization of membrane processes in white biotechnology
    224 (2008) 105-110 Full Text
    Ian Lomax (Germany)
    Experiences of Dow in the field of seawater reverse osmosis
    224 (2008) 111-118 Full Text
    Marck-Willem Lumey, Thomas Melin (Germany)
    Molecular simulations on the selectivity of a zeolite membrane
    224 (2008) 119-123 Full Text
    Heike Matuschewski, Uwe Schedler (Germany)
    MSE-modified membranes in organophilic pervaporation for aromatics/aliphatics separation
    224 (2008) 124-131 Full Text
    Sohail Mirza (Switzerland)
    Reduction of energy consumption in process plants using nanofiltration and reverse osmosis
    224 (2008) 132-142 Full Text
    Wanling Tang, How Yong Ng (Singapore)
    Concentration of brine by forward osmosis: performance and influence of membrane structure
    224 (2008) 143-153 Full Text
    Parneet Paul, Christoph Hartung (UK)
    Modelling of biological fouling propensity by inference in a side stream membrane bioreactor
    224 (2008) 154-159 Full Text
    Wolfgang Riedl, Thomas Raiser (Switzerland)
    Membrane-supported extraction of biomolecules with aqueous two-phase systems
    224 (2008) 160-167 Full Text
    F. Saravia, F.H. Frimmel (Germany)
    Role of NOM in the performance of adsorption-membrane hybrid systems applied for the removal of pharmaceuticals
    224 (2008) 168-171 Full Text
    Miriam Sartor, Martin Kaschek, Valko Mavrov (Germany)
    Feasibility study for evaluating the client application of membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology for decentralised municipal wastewater treatment in Vietnam
    224 (2008) 172-177 Full Text
    Japie J. Schoeman (South Africa)
    Evaluation of electrodialysis for the treatment of a hazardous leachate
    224 (2008) 178-182 Full Text
    Gerhard Schories (Germany)
    IWAPIL - innovative wastewater treatment applications for isolated locations
    224 (2008) 183-185 Full Text
    Matthias Schumacher, Michael Modigell (Germany), Vladimir V. Teplyakov, Viktor B. Zenkevich (Russia)
    A membrane contactor for efficient CO2 removal in biohydrogen production
    224 (2008) 186-190 Full Text
    N. Sdrula (Romania)
    Advanced simulation to choose a cheaper membrane process for salt removal from complex mixtures
    224 (2008) 191-194 Full Text
    Diana Spettmann, Simone Eppmann, Hans-Curt Flemming, Jost Wingender (Germany)
    Visualization of membrane cleaning using confocal laser scanning microscopy
    224 (2008) 195-200 Full Text
    Recep Ali Kumbasar, Osman Tutkun (Turkey)
    Separation of cobalt and nickel from acidic leach solutions by emulsion liquid membranes using alamine 300 (TOA) as a mobile carrier
    224 (2008) 201-208 Full Text
    Ralf Wolters, Barbara Wendler, Burkhard Schmidt, Andreas Holdinghausen, Harald Prade (Germany)
    Rinsing water recovery in the steel industry - a combined UF/NF treatment
    224 (2008) 209-214 Full Text
    Qingchun Yuan, Ruozhou Hou, Nita Aryanti, Richard A. Williams, Simon Biggs, Simon Lawson, Helen Silgram, Manish Sarkar, Richard Birch (UK)
    Manufacture of controlled emulsions and particulates using membrane emulsification
    224 (2008) 215-220 Full Text
    Michael Scoullos, Anastasios Zouboulis, Sotiris Karavoltsos (Greece)
    Editorial AQUA 2006 2nd International Conference on Water, Science and Technology - Integrated Management of Water Resources
    224 (2008) 221-221 Full Text
    A. Stathoulopoulou, K.D. Demadis (Greece)
    Enhancement of silicate solubility by use of “green” additives: linking green chemistry and chemical water treatment
    224 (2008) 223-230 Full Text
    V.M. Matsis, E.C. Nikolaou (Greece)
    Determination of inorganic oxyhalide disinfection by-products in bottled water by EPA Method 326.0 for trace bromate analysis
    224 (2008) 231-239 Full Text
    M.A. Stylianou, V.J. Inglezakis, K.G. Moustakas, M.D. Loizidou (Greece)
    Improvement of the quality of sewage sludge compost by adding natural clinoptilolite
    224 (2008) 240-249 Full Text
    D. Karamanis, K. Ioannides, K. Stamoulis, D. Patiris (Greece)
    Spatial and seasonal trends of natural radioactivity and heavy metals in river waters of Epirus, Macedonia and Thessalia
    224 (2008) 250-260 Full Text
    A. Soupilas, C.A. Papadimitriou, P. Samaras, K. Goudoulas, D. Petridis (Greece)
    Monitoring of industrial effluent ecotoxicity in the Greater Thessaloniki area
    224 (2008) 261-270 Full Text
    E. Diamantopoulou, M. Dassenakis, A. Kastritis, V. Tomara, V. Paraskevopoulou, S. Poulos (Greece)
    Seasonal fluctuations of nutrients in a hypersaline mediterranean lagoon
    224 (2008) 271-279 Full Text
    A. Dimirkou, M.K. Doula (Greece)
    Use of clinoptilolite and of a Fe-overexchanged clinoptilolite in Zn2+ and Mn2+ removal from drinking water
    224 (2008) 280-292 Full Text
    S.K. Papageorgiou, E.P. Kouvelos, F.K. Katsaros (Greece)
    Calcium alginate beads from Laminaria digitata for the removal of Cu2+ and Cd2+ from dilute aqueous metal solutions
    224 (2008) 293-306 Full Text
    A.I. Zouboulis, P.A. Moussas (Greece)
    Polyferric silicate sulphate (PFSiS): Preparation, characterisation and coagulation behaviour
    224 (2008) 307-316 Full Text
    Sotirios Karavoltsos, Aikaterini Sakellari (Athens), Nikolaos Mihopoulos (Halkis), Manos Dassenakis and Michael J. Scoullos (Athens, Greece)
    Evaluation of the quality of drinking water in regions of Greece
    224 (2008) 317-329 Full Text
    Ioannis A. Katsoyiannis (Switzerland), Antonia Zikoudi (Greece), Stephan J. Hug (Switzerland)
    Arsenic removal from groundwaters containing iron, ammonium, manganese and phosphate: A case study from a treatment unit in northern Greece
    224 (2008) 330-339 Full Text
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