Desalination, Vol. 218 (2007)

    AQUAREC 2006
    Integrated Concepts for Reuse of Upgraded Wastewater
    Barcelona, 1–3 February 2006
    Selected Papers
    Pages 3-217

    CHEMECA 2006
    The 34th Annual Australasian Chemical and Process Engineering Conference
    Auckland, New Zealand, 17–20 September 2006
    Pages 221-354

    A.N. Angelakis (Larissa, Greece) and B. Durham (Paris, France)
    Water recycling and reuse in EUREAU countries: Trends and challenges
    218(2007)3-12 Full Text

    D. Bixio, C. Thoeye (Aartselaar, Belgium), T. Wintgens (Aachen, Germany) A. Ravazzini, V. Miska (Delft, The Netherlands), M. Muston (Wollongong, Australia) H. Chikurel, A. Aharoni (Tel Aviv, Israel), D. Joksimovic (Exeter, UK) and T. Melin (Aachen, Germany)
    Water reclamation and reuse: implementation and management issues
    218(2007)13-23 Full Text
    F. Brissaud (Montpellier, France)
    Criteria for water recycling and reuse in the Mediterranean countries
    218(2007)24-33 Full Text
    C. Campos (Javeriana, Colombia)
    New perspectives on microbiological water control for wastewater reuse
    218(2007)34-42 Full Text
    T. Cazurra (Barcelona, Spain)
    Water reuse of south Barcelona’s wastewater reclamation plant
    218(2007)43-51 Full Text
    A.F. Cirelli and C. Ojeda (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    Wastewater management in Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina
    218(2007)52-61 Full Text
    G.L. Cirelli, S. Consoli and V. Di Grande (Catania, Italy)
    Long-term storage of reclaimed water: the case studies in Sicily (Italy)
    218(2007)62-73 Full Text
    J.A. Cortacáns (Madrid, Spain)
    Water reuse planning and management: the point of view of a contractor-operator
    218(2007)74-80 Full Text
    A. Urkiaga, L. de las Fuentes (Zamudio, Spain), B. Bis (Lodz, Poland), E. Chiru (Bucharest, Romania), B. Balasz (Budapest, Hungary) and F. Hernández (Valencia, Spain)
    Development of analysis tools for social, economic and ecological effects of water reuse
    218(2007)81-91 Full Text
    J. de Koning (Delft, The Netherlands), D. Bixio (Belgium), A. Karabelas (Thessaloniki, Greece), M. Salgot (Barcelona, Spain) and A. Schäfer (Wollongong, Australia)
    Characterisation and assessment of water treatment technologies for reuse
    218(2007)92-104 Full Text
    R.I. Esteban and E. Ortega de Miguel (Madrid, Spain)
    Present and future of wastewater reuse in Spain
    218(2007)105-119 Full Text
    E. Huertas, M. Salgot (Barcelona, Spain), J. Hollender, S. Weber, W. Dott (Aachen, Germany), S. Khan, A. Schäfer (Wollongong, Australia) R. Messalem (Beer-Sheva, Israel), B. Bis (Lodz, Poland), A. Aharoni and H. Chikurel (Tel-Aviv, Israel)
    Key objectives for water reuse concepts
    218(2007)120-131 Full Text
    S. Baggett, B. Jefferson and P. Jeffrey (Cranfield, UK)
    Just how different are stakeholder group opinions on water management issues?
    218(2007)132-141 Full Text
    D. Joksimovic, D.A. Savic, G.A. Walters (Exeter, UK), D. Bixio (Aartselaar, Belgium), K. Katsoufidou and S.G. Yiantsios (Thessaloniki, Greece)
    Development and validation of system design principles for water reuse systems
    218(2007)142-153 Full Text
    G. Kamizoulis (Athens, Greece)
    Setting health based targets for water reuse (in agriculture)
    218(2007)154-163 Full Text
    A. Lopez and M. Vurro (Bari, Italy)
    Planning agricultural wastewater reuse in southern Italy: The case of Apulia Region
    218(2007)164-169 Full Text
    G. Oron (Sde-Boker, Beer-Sheva, Haifa), L. Gillerman, N. Buriakovsky (Sde-Boker), A. Bick, M. Gargir (Jerusalem), Y. Dolan (Beer-Sheva), Y. Manor, L. Katz (Tel-HaShomer) and J. Hagin (Haifa, Israel)
    Membrane technology for advanced wastewater reclamation for sustainable agriculture production
    218(2007)170-180 Full Text
    D.P.L. Rousseau (Delft, The Netherlands and Gent, Belgium), E. Lesage, A. Story (Gent, Belgium), P.A. Vanrolleghem (Québec, Canada) and N. De Pauw (Gent, Belgium)
    Constructed wetlands for water reclamation
    218(2007)181-189 Full Text
    M. Salgot (Barcelona, Spain)
    Water reclamation, recycling and reuse: implementation issues
    218(2007)190-197 Full Text
    E. Van Houtte and J. Verbauwhede (Koksijde, Belgium)
    Operational experience with indirect potable reuse at the Flemish Coast
    218(2007)198-207 Full Text
    R. Hochstrat, T. Wintgens and T. Melin (Aachen, Germany)
    Development of integrated water reuse strategies
    218(2007)208-217 Full Text
    D.A. Patterson (Auckland, New Zealand)
    218(2007)221-222 Full Text
    F.G.F. Qin, X.D. Chen, S. Premathilaka and K. Free (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Experimental study of wash columns used for separating ice from ice-slurry
    218(2007)223-228 Full Text
    S. Yeoh, J. Shi and T.A.G. Langrish (Sydney, Australia)
    Comparisons between different techniques for water-based extraction of pectin from orange peels
    218(2007)229-237 Full Text
    R.J. Macdonald, P.G. Middlewood and R.L. MacManus (Christchurch, New Zealand)
    Development and characterisation of a vacuum flash evaporator for concentrating a heat sensitive aqueous peptide stream
    218(2007)238-247 Full Text
    D.A. Patterson (Auckland, New Zealand), L.Y. Lau, C. Roengpithya, E.J. Gibbins and A.G. Livingston (London, UK)
    Membrane selectivity in the organic solvent nanofiltration of trialkylamine bases
    218(2007)248-256 Full Text
    E.K. Lee, V. Chen and A.G. Fane (Sydney, Australia)
    Natural organic matter (NOM) fouling in low pressure membrane filtration — effect of membranes and operation modes
    218(2007)257-270 Full Text
    N. Widiastuti, H. Wu, M. Ang and D.-k. Zhang (Curtin, Australia)
    The potential application of natural zeolite for greywater treatment
    218(2007)271-280 Full Text
    W. Kaminski, E. Tomczak and K. Jaros (Lodz, Poland)
    Interactions of metal ions sorbed on chitosan beads
    218(2007)281-286 Full Text
    T. Harington and Md.M. Hossain (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Extraction of lactic acid into sunflower oil and its recovery into an aqueous solution
    218(2007)287-296 Full Text
    A. Deepatana and M. Valix (Sydney, Australia)
    Steric hindrance effect on adsorption of metal–organic complexes onto aminophosphonate chelating resin
    218(2007)297-303 Full Text
    L.S. Chan, W.H. Cheung and G. McKay (Kowloon, Hong Kong)
    Adsorption of acid dyes by bamboo derived activated carbon
    218(2007)304-312 Full Text
    M.O. Nigam, B. Bansal and X.D. Chen (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Fouling and cleaning of whey protein concentrate fouled ultrafiltration membranes
    218(2007)313-322 Full Text
    M.F.F. Sze, V.K.C. Lee and G. McKay (Hong Kong)
    Simplified fixed bed column model for adsorption of organic pollutants using tapered activated carbon columns
    218(2007)323-333 Full Text
    A. Deepatana and M. Valix (Sydney, Australia)
    Comparative adsorption isotherms and modeling of nickel and cobalt citrate complexes onto chelating resins
    218(2007)334-342 Full Text
    J. Lowe and Md.M. Hossain (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Application of ultrafiltration membranes for removal of humic acid from drinking water
    218(2007)343-354 Full Text
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