Desalination, Vol. 215 (2007)

    Despo Fatta and Sureyya Meric (Italy)
    Editorial: MEDA WATER International Conference on Sustainable Water Management, Rational Water Use, Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
    215(2007)vii- Full Text
    E. Nolde (Berlin, Germany)
    Possibilities of rainwater utilisation in densely populated areas including precipitation runoffs from traffic surfaces
    215(2007)1-11 Full Text
    K. Fahd, I. Martin and J.J. Salas (Seville, Spain)
    The Carrion de los Cespedes Experimental Plant and the Technological Transfer Centre: urban wastewater treatment experimental platforms for the small rural communities in the Mediterranean area
    215(2007)12-21 Full Text
    O.T. Komesli (Ankara, Turkey), K. Teschner, W. Hegemann (Berlin, Germany) and C.F. Gokcay (Ankara, Turkey)
    Vacuum membrane applications in domestic wastewater reuse
    215(2007)22-28 Full Text
    D. Kaya, F.B. Dilek and C.F. Gokcay (Ankara, Turkey)
    Reuse of lagoon effluents in agriculture by post-treatment in a step feed dual treatment process
    215(2007)29-36 Full Text
    C. Merz, R. Scheumann (Berlin, Germany), B. El Hamouri (Rabat, Morocco) and M. Kraume (Berlin, Germany)
    Membrane bioreactor technology for the treatment of greywater from a sports and leisure club
    215(2007)37-43 Full Text
    Fabio Masi, Nicola Martinuzzi (Italy)
    Constructed wetlands for the Mediterranean countries: hybrid systems for water reuse and sustainable sanitation
    215(2007)44-55 Full Text
    L. Petta (Bologna, Italy), A. Kramer (Berlin, Germany) and I. Al Baz (Jordan)
    The EMWater project — promoting efficient wastewater management and reuse in Mediterranean countries
    215(2007)56-63 Full Text
    M. Regelsberger (Gleisdorf, Austria), A. Baban (Gebze, Turkey), L. Bouselmi (Soliman, Tunisia), H.A. Shafy (Cairo, Egypt) and B. El Hamouri (Rabat, Morocco).
    Zer0-M, sustainable concepts towards a zero outflow municipality
    215(2007)64-72 Full Text
    M.A. Stylianou, D. Kollia, K.-J. Haralambous, V.J. Inglezakis, K.G. Moustakas and M.D. Loizidou (Athens, Greece)
    Effect of acid treatment on the removal of heavy metals from sewage sludge
    215(2007)73-81 Full Text
    I. Martin (Seville, Spain), J.R. Betancort (Las Palmas, Spain) and J.R. Pidre (Seville, Spain)
    Contribution of non-conventional technologies for sewage treatment to improve the quality of bathing waters (ICREW project)
    215(2007)82-89 Full Text
    D. Hidalgo, R. Irusta, L. Martinez (Valladolid, Spain), D. Fatta (Nicosia, Cyprus) and A. Papadopoulos (Athens, Greece)
    Development of a multi-function software decision support tool for the promotion of the safe reuse of treated urban wastewater
    215(2007)90-103 Full Text
    G. Georghiou and I. Pashalidis (Lefkosia, Cyprus)
    Boron in groundwaters of Nicosia (Cyprus) and its treatment by reverse osmosis
    215(2007)104-110 Full Text
    H. Kallali, M. Anane, S. Jellali (Soliman, Tunisia) and J. Tarhouni (Tunisia)
    GIS-based multi-criteria analysis for potential wastewater aquifer recharge sites
    215(2007)111-119 Full Text
    Fatima-Zahra Lamghari Moubarrad, Omar Assobhei (Morocco)
    Health risks of raw sewage with particular reference to Ascaris in the discharge zone of El Jadida (Morocco)
    215(2007)120-126 Full Text
    M. Lamine, L. Bousselmi and A. Ghrabi (Slimane, Tunisia).
    Biological treatment of grey water using sequencing batch reactor
    215(2007)127-132 Full Text
    M.A. Stylianou, V.J. Inglezakis, K.G. Moustakas, S. Ph. Malamis and M.D. Loizidou (Athens, Greece)
    Removal of Cu(II) in fixed bed and batch reactors using natural zeolite and exfoliated vermiculite as adsorbents
    215(2007)133-142 Full Text
    M.J.M. Rusan, S. Hinnawi and L. Rousan (Irbid, Jordan)
    Long term effect of wastewater irrigation of forage crops on soil and plant quality parameters
    215(2007)143-152 Full Text
    B. El Hamouri, J. Nazih, J. Lahjouj
    Subsurface-horizontal flow constructed wetland for sewage treatment under Moroccan climate conditions
    215(2007)153-158 Full Text
    I. Arslan-Alaton, A. Tanik, S. Ovez, G. Iskender, M. Gurel and D. Orhon (Maslak-Istanbul, Turkey)
    Reuse potential of urban wastewater treatment plant effluents in Turkey: a case study on selected plants
    215(2007)159-165 Full Text
    V. Belgiorno, L. Rizzo (Fisciano (SA), Italy), D. Fatta (Nicosia, Cyprus), C.D. Rocca, G. Lofrano (Fisciano (SA), Italy), A. Nikolaou (Mytilene, Greece), V. Naddeo and S. Meric (Fisciano (SA), Italy)
    Review on endocrine disrupting-emerging compounds in urban wastewater: occurrence and removal by photocatalysis and ultrasonic irradiation for wastewater reuse
    215(2007)166-176 Full Text
    A. Dell’Erba, D. Falsanisi, L. Liberti, M. Notarnicola (Taranto, Italy) and D. Santoro (Italy, Canada)
    Disinfection by-products formation during wastewater disinfection with peracetic acid
    215(2007)177-186 Full Text
    Eva Eriksson, A. Baun, P.S. Mikkelsen and A. Ledin (Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark)
    Risk assessment of xenobiotics in stormwater discharged to Harrestrup A, Denmark
    215(2007)187-197 Full Text
    C. Pakou, K. Stamatelatou, M. Kornaros and G. Lyberatos (Patras, Greece)
    On the complete aerobic microbial mineralization of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate
    215(2007)198-208 Full Text
    N. Kreuzinger, M. Fuerhacker, S. Scharf, M. Uhl, O. Gans and B. Grillitsch (Vienna, Austria)
    Methodological approach towards the environmental significance of uncharacterized substances — quaternary ammonium compounds as an example
    215(2007)209-222 Full Text
    D. Fatta, C. Michael, St. Canna-Michaelidou, M. Christodoulidou, N. Kythreotou and M. Vasquez (Nicosia, Cyprus)
    Pesticides, volatile and semivolatile organic compounds in the inland surface waters of Cyprus
    215(2007)223-236 Full Text
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