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New South Wales 1988 
Desalination, Vol. 70 (1988)

B.R. Smith and E.A. Swinton (Australia) 
Desalination costs in Australia: A survey of operating plants 
70(1988)3-15 Full Text 

Zheng Ling-Ying (China, PR) 
Recent advances of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration in China 
70(1988)17-45 Full Text 

H.C. Chu, J.S. Campbell and W.G. Light (USA) 
High-temperature reverse osmosis membrane element 
70(1988)65-76 Full Text 

D. Pepper (UK) 
RO-fractionation membranes 
70(1988)89-93 Full Text 

F.G. Neytzell-de Wilde, C.A. Buckley and M.P.R. Cawdron (South Africa) 
Dynamically formed hydrous zirconium (IV)oxide/polyacrylic membranes: low pressure formation. high pressure evaluation 
70(1988)121-136 Full Text 

M. Nyström and M. Lindstrom (Finland ) 
Optimal removal of chlorolignin by ultrafiltration achieved by pH control 
70(1988)145-156 Full Text 

S.E. Berry and M.H. Nguyen (Australia) 
High rate ultrafiltration of soymilk 
70(1988)169-176 Full Text 

S. Nakao, H. Osada, H. Kurata, T. Tsuru and S. Kimura (Japan) 
Separation of proteins by charged ultrafiltration membranes 
70(1988)191-205 Full Text 

M.S. Suwandi and M.S. Lefebvre (Malaysia) 
Performance of fractal membranes in the ultrafiltration of skim natural rubber latex 
70(1988)225-228 Full Text 

R.M. McDonogh, K. Welsch, A.G. Fane and C.J.D. Fell (Australia) 
Flux and rejection in the ultrafiltration of colloids 
70(1988)251-264 Full Text 

F. Vigo, C. Uliana and G. Dondero (Italy) 
Ultrafiltration membranes obtained by poly(acrylonitrile) 
grafted onto poly(vinylchloride) 
70(1988)277-292 Full Text 

S. Vigneswaran and Wong Yen Kiat (Thailand) 
Detailed investigation of effects of operating parameters of ultrafiltration using laboratory-scale ultrafiltration unit 
70(1988)299-316 Full Text 

M.S. Suwandi and I. Singh (Malaysia) 
Optimum arrangement of membranes in a multistage ultrafiltration 
70(1988)327-337 Full Text 

U.H. Chun and P.L. Rogers (Australia) 
Development of an ethanol/sorbitol process using a ceramic membrane cell recycle bioreactor 
70(1988)353-361 Full Text 

A. Rushton and G.S. Zhang (UK) 
Rotary microporous filtration 
70(1988)379-394 Full Text 

J.J. Schoeman, I.J.M. Buys, I.B. Schutte and H. MacLeod (South Africa) 
Pilot investigation on the treatment of fertilizer manufacturing process effluent using lime and electrodialysis reversal 
70(1988)407-429 Full Text 

R. Rautenbach, C. Herion and M. Franke (Germany) 
Dehydration of multicomponent organic systems by a reverse osmosis pervaporation-hybrid process module-process design and economics 
70(1988)445-453 Full Text 

L. Kraetz (Germany) 
Dehydration of alcohol fuels by pervaporation 
70(1988)481-485 Full Text