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    Desalination, Vol. 180 (2005)

    Jack C. Jorgensen (USA)
    A history of the federal involvement in water desalinisation and related water improvement research and development
    Amy E. Childress (Reno, NV, USA), Pierre Le-Clech (Sydney, Australia), , Joanne L. Daugherty (Fountain Valley, CA, USA), Caifeng Chen and Greg L. Leslie (Sydney, Australia)
    Mechanical analysis of hollow fiber membrane integrity in water reuse applications
    J. Lipnizki (Lyngby), S. Casani (Frederiksberg) and G. Jonsson (Lyngby, Denmark)
    Optimisation of ultrafiltration of a highly viscous protein solution using spiral-wound modules
    A.E. Muthunayagam (Coimbatore), K. Ramamurthi (Trivandrum) and J.R. Paden (Coimbatore, India)
    Low temperature flash vaporization for desalination
    T. Nosoko , T. Kinjo and C.D. Park (Okinawa, Japan)
    Theoretical analysis of a multiple-effect diffusion still producing highly concentrated seawater
    P. Gandhidasan and H.I. Abualhamayel (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)
    Modeling and testing of a dew collection system
    Li Tian, Yaping Tang and Yongqing Wang (Beijing, China)
    Economic evaluation of seawater desalination for nuclear heating reactor with multi-effect distillation
    Yong-Jun Jung, Yoshiaki Kiso, Rabi Atul Adawih binti Othman, Akira Ikeda (Toyohashi, Japan), K. Nishimura (Tsukuba, Japan), Kyung-Sok Min (Daegu, Korea), Atsuo Kumano, Akihiro Ariji (Iwakuni, Japan)
    Rejection properties of aromatic pesticides with a hollow-fiber NF membrane
    Anil Kr. Tiwari and G.N. Tiwari (New Delhi, India)
    Effect of the condensing cover’s slope on internal heat and mass transfer in distillation: an indoor simulation
    Faisal Ibney Hai, Kazuo Yamamoto and Kensuke Fukushi (Tokyo, Japan)
    Different fouling modes of submerged hollow-fiber and flat-sheet membranes induced by high strength wastewater with concurrent biofouling
    H.F. Ayyildiz and H. Kara (Konya, Turkey)
    Boron removal by ion exchange membranes
    Ola Wallberg, Anders Holmqvist and Ann-Sofi Jonsson (Lund, Sweden)
    Ultrafiltration of kraft cooking liquors from a continuous cooking process
    Ibrahim M. Abu-Reesh (Amman, Jordan)
    Optimal design of continuously stirred membrane reactors in series using Michaelis–Menten kinetics with competitive product inhibition: theoretical analysis
    Q. Zhao, Y. Liu (Dundee) and S. Wang (Guilford, UK)
    Surface modification of water treatment equipment for reducing CaSO4 scale formation
    C. Aydiner, M. Kobya and E. Demirbas (Gebze-Kocaeli, Turkey)
    Cyanide ions transport from aqueous solutions by using quaternary ammonium salts through bulk liquid membranes
    S. Kocaoba and G. Akcin (Istanbul, Turkey)
    Removal of chromium (III) and cadmium (II) from aqueous solutions
    Li-min Chai, Feng-bao Zhang, Guo-liang Zhang (Tianjin, China)
    Treatment of DSD acid wastewater using a weak basic resin
    Tae-Hyoung Eom, Chang-Hwan Lee, Jun-Ho Kim (Kang Ju), Choul-Ho Lee (Daejon, Korea)
    Development of an ion-exchange system for plating wastewater treatment
    Marek Gryta, Krzysztof Karakulski, Maria Tomaszewska, Antoni Morawski (Szczecin, Poland)
    Treatment of effluents from the regeneration of ion exchangers using the MD process
    Francisco Jose Alguacil and Hanan Tayibii (Madrid, Spain)
    Carrier-facilitated transport of Cd(II) from a high-salinity chloride medium across a supported liquid membrane containing Cyanex 923 in Solvesso 100
    Yong Zhou, Sanchuan Yu and Congjie Gao (Hangzhou, China)
    Preparation and characterization of polyamide-urethane thin-film composite membranes
    S. Ben Jabrallah, A.S. Cherif, B. Dhifaoui, A. Belghith (T unis, Tunisia), J.P. Corriou (Nancy, France)
    Experimental study of the evaporation of a falling film in a closed cavity
    Ya-Qing Chai, Jian-Yuan Dai, Ruo Yuan, Xia Zhong, Yan Liu, Dian-Ping Tang (Chongqing, China)
    Highly thiocyanate-selective membrane electrodes based on the N,N’-bis-(benzaldehyde)-glycine copper(II) complex as a neutral carrier
    Ismat Kamal (Aliso Viejo, CA, USA)
    Integration of seawater desalination with power generation
    Yu Zhao (Tampa, FL) and James S. Taylor (Orlando, FL, USA)
    Assessment of ASTM D 4516 for evaluation of reverse osmosis membrane performance
    Gabriel Gasco (Madrid),, Ana Mendez (Avila) and Jose Maria Gasco (Madrid, Spain)
    Preparation of carbon-based adsorbents from sewage sludge pyrolysis to remove metals from water
    R.H. Xiong, S.C. Wang, L.X. Xie, Z. Wang and P.L. Li (Tianjin, China)
    Experimental investigation of a baffled shell and tube desalination column using the humidification-dehumidification process
    S. Cros (Lorient and Nantes), B. Lignot, P. Bourseau (Lorient) and P. Jaouen (Nantes, France)
    Reverse osmosis for the production of aromatic concentrates from mussel cooking juices:a technical assessment
    El Mostapha Jouad, Frederique Jourjon, Georges Le Guillanton and Driss Elothmani (Angers, France)
    Removal of metal ions in aqueous solutions by organic polymers: use of a polydiphenylamine resin
    A. Bodalo, J.L. Gomez, E. Gomez, A.M. Hidalgo and A. Aleman (Murcia, Spain)
    Viability study of different reverse osmosis membranes for application in the tertiary treatment of wastes from the tanning industry
    Hikmet S. Aybar, Fuat Egelioglu and Ugur Atikol (Mersin, Turkey)
    An experimental study on an inclined solar water distillation system
    B. Janarthanan, J. Chandrasekaran (Coimbatore, India) and S. Kumar (Pathumthani, Thailand)
    Evaporative heat loss and heat transfer for open- and closed-cycle systems of a floating tilted wick solar still
    Christopher J. Gabelich, Wei R. Chen, Tae I. Yun, Bradley M. Coffey and I.H. “Mel” Suffet (La Verne, CA, USA)
    The role of dissolved aluminum in silica chemistry for membrane processes
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