Desalination, Vol. 2 (1967)

    Fresh Water from the Sea
    Papers presented at the 2nd European Symposium sponsored by the European Federation of Chemical Engineers, Working Party on Fresh Water from the Sea, Athens, Greece, May 912, 1967 

    D. Hasson (Israel)
    Athens: 1967. Review of the second European Symposium on fresh water from the sea, May 9-12, Athens, Greece
    2 (1967) 5-12

    W.S. Gillam, W.H. McCoy (USA)
    Desalination research
    2 (1967) 13-20

    G.S. Solt (UK)
    Further progress in electrodialysis
    2 (1967) 21-24

    E. Hoffer, O. Kedem (Israel)
    Hyperfiltration in charged membranes: the fixed charge model
    2 (1967) 25-39

    K.D.B. Johnson, J.R. Grover, D. Pepper (UK)
    Chemical engineering aspects of the reverse osmosis process
    2 (1967) 40-55

    D. Stevens, S. Loeb (USA)
    Reverse osmosis desalination costs derived from the Coalinga pilot plant operation
    2 (1967) 56-74

    S. Loeb, E. Selover  (USA)
    Sixteen months of field experience on the Coalinga pilot plant
    2 (1967) 75-80

    M.J. Burley (UK)
    Analytical comparison of the multi-stage flash and long-tube vertical distillation processes
    2 (1967) 81-88

    D.B. Brice, D.S. Briggs (Austria)
    Nuclear energy for desalination
    2 (1967) 89-98

    P.A. Mawer (UK)
    Economics of multi-stage distillation in relation to conventional water supply
    2 (1967) 99-108

    E.D. Howe, B.W. Tleimat (USA)
    Solar distillers for use on coral islands
    2 (1967) 109-115

    R. Matz, E.M. Feist (Israel)
    Application of solar energy to the solution of some problems of electrodialysis
    2 (1967) 116-124

    L.H. Shaffer, R.A. Knight, D.A. Smith (USA)
    Photometric procedure for a chelometric analysis for calcium in the presence of a large excess of magnesium
    2 (1967) 125-129

    K.S. Spiegler (USA)
    Membrane symposium, Paris, February 1-3, 1967
    2 (1967) 130-133

    W. Kooistra (The Netherlands)
    Characterization of ion-exchange membranes by polarization curves
    2 (1967) 139-147

    T. Yamabe, M. Seno (Japan)
    Concentration polarization effect in ion exchange membrane electrodialysis
    2 (1967) 148-153

    H. Schweigart (South Africa)
    Preferential chloride-sulfate ion transport in electrodialysis using tetra-ally ammonium chloride membranes prepared by a modified method
    2 (1967) 154-160

    D. Kertesz, F. de Korosy, E. Zeigerson (Israel)
    Advances in the electrochemistry of permselective membranes
    2 (1967) 161-169

    K.D.B. Johnson, D.W. Clelland (UK)
    Mobile and floating flash distillation plants
    2 (1967) 170-174

    A.N. Dickson, R.S. Silver (UK)
    Flow of flashing water in conduits
    2 (1967) 175-195

    P.T. Walker, I. Newson, K.D.B. Johnson (UK)
    Development of direct contact flash distillation concepts
    2 (1967) 196-206

    S. Sideman, J. Isenberg (Israel)
    Direct contact heat transfer with change of phase: bubble growth in three-phase systems
    2 (1967) 207-214

    D.W. Clelland (UK)
    Large scale dual purpose plant for water/power production
    2 (1967) 215-219

    L. Lazzarino, R. Di Menza (Italy)
    Economical evaluation of organic moderated and cooled reactors (ROVI) designed to produce vapor for desalting plants
    2 (1967) 220-226

    W.K. Davis, L. Galstaun, C. Sharpf (USA)
    Dual-purpose plant (150 mgd) for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
    2 (1967) 227-233

    F. Dutheil, J. Gaussens (France)
    Cost of water and desalination of sea water: Characteristics of supply and demand (in French)
    2 (1967) 234-242

    K.A. Kraus, A.J. Shor, J.S. Johnson, Jr. (USA)
    Hyperfiltration studies. X. Hyperfiltration with dynamically-formed membranes
    2 (1967) 243-266

    B.M. Fabuss, A. Korosi (USA)
    Thermodynamic properties of sea water and its concentrates
    2 (1967) 271-278

    V.A. Klyachko, L.D. Ushakov (USSR)
    Hydraulic principles for the design of electrodialysis desalination plants
    2 (1967) 279-282

    C. Gomella (France)
    French experience in the exploitation of electrodialysis apparatus (in French)
    2 (1967) 283-286 

    B.W. Tleimat, E.D. Howe, A.D.K. Laird (USA)
    Assessment of vapor compression distillation
    2 (1967) 287-298 

    J.R. Wolberg (Israel)
    Analysis of the optimization of the design of flash evaporators
    2 (1967) 299-307 

    H.C. Simpson, M. Hutchinson (UK)
    Calcium sulphate scale deposition in sea water evaporators
    2 (1967) 308-324 

    B.C. Drude (Germany)
    Submarine units for reverse osmosis
    2 (1967) 325-328 

    R.I. Hawes, D.C. Leslie (UK)
    Study of the mechanism of flashing flow by experiment and theoretical analysis
    2 (1967) 329-336 

    L.A. Minuhin, V.B. Chernozubov, E.P. Emelina, A.A. Bolotov, Z.M. Romanova (USSR)
    Investigation of water steam drop condensation conditions
    2 (1967) 337-344 

    R. Douvry, M. Cohen de Lara (France)
    Study of fluid mechanics and heat transfer in multiflash desalination plants (in French)
    2 (1967) 345-357 

    M. Pachter, A. Barak (Israel)
    Vacuum freezing vapor compression (Zarchin) process. Present status and future trends
    2 (1967) 358-367 

    W. Rosner (Poland)
    Possible use of single-effect evaporation and factors affecting their performance (in German)
    2 (1967) 368-377

    S. Itoi (Japan)
    Ionic membrane electrodialyzer for marine use
    2 (1967) 378-386 

    R.E. Lacey, E.W. Lang  (USA)
    Development and evaluation of the electrosorption process for the desalination of water
    2 (1967) 387-393

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