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Demonstration of a decision support system for a novel integrated solution aimed at water reuse in the Oil&Gas industry.

Background and scope

Water is vital for the operation of many industrial processes, including the Oil&Gas industry. This sector requires high volumes of water in oil extraction and refining, thus generating large amounts of wastewater. Since water is a finite resource, technologies associated with the reuse of industrial wastewater will become an essential part of sustainable economic growth and profitability mainly because they enable turning low quality wastewater into water that can be reused for extraction and refinery processes.

INTEGROIL project will bring a new solution for treating water flows generated in the upstream and downstream activities of the Oil&Gas industry, making them of suitable quality for reuse and reducing its dependency on water availability.
The main feature of these waters is their extreme high variability which makes them difficult to be treated by standard treatment options but make the Oil&Gas sector an excellent industry to test the technology. However, this solution is expected to be easily suitable to treat other industrial complex waters as those generated by the iron&steel, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.


To develop and demonstrate a robust but flexible integrated solution for treating water flows with variable compositions to provide reclaimed water. This new solution will be comprised by innovative treatment technologies ranging from physical-chemical process solutions to biological treatment effectively operated and optimized through a novel Decision Support System (DSS) which can generate water of enough quality to be reused in the extraction and refining processes. The DSS will allow the system to be operated with minimal process understanding and also ensuring both the optimal system operation and the safety of the operational staff at the extraction and refining sites.

Demonstration activities

Two sites for long-term demonstration activities:
Upstream simulated scenario at La Tordera desalination plant facilities (Spain).
Downstream scenario at TUPRAS refinery in Izmit (Turkey).


The proposed solution and its added value


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688989.

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