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American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA)
and AMTA affiliate events (2015–2016)
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IDA International Conference on Water Reuse and Recycling:
Turning Vision into Reality

Nice, France, 26–27 September 2016


8th Global Leakage Summit
London, UK, 27–28 September 2016


3rd International Conference on Recycling and Reuse (R&R 2016)
Istanbul, Turkey, 28–30 September 2016



The 9th International Desalination Workshop
Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 13–15 November 2016


Membranes in the Production of Drinking and Industrial Water (MDIW)
Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, 6–8 February 2017



IWA Efficient2017: A Conference on Efficient Urban Water Management
Tel Aviv, Israel, 21–23 March 2017


WSTA 12th Gulf Water Conference
Manama, Bahrain, 28–30 March 2017


Sharing Knowledge across the Mediterranean
Dead Sea, Jordan, 16–19 May 2017

EuroMed 2017
Desalination for Clean Water and Energy

Tel Aviv, Israel, 3–7 September 2017


IDA World Congress
Sao Paulo, Brazil, 16–20 October 2017


REvivED water

Accelerating Innovation in Energy Optimized and Climate Resilient Infrastructure

Global Water Conference 2016

Myanmar Green Energy Summit 2016

RTS Water Ways Ltd.


Producet Water Society

Water Desalination Report

FILTECH - The filtratione Event


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