Desalination, Vol. 223 (2008)

    Desalination and the Environment
    European Desalination Society and
    Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH),
    22–25 April 2007, Sani Resort, Halkidiki, Greece

    Author Index

    Nese Ozturk, Duygu Kavak, T. Ennil Kose (Turkey)
    Boron removal from aqueous solution by reverse osmosis
    223 (2008) 1-9 Full Text
    Miriam Faigon, David Hefer (Israel)
    Boron rejection in SWRO at high pH conditions versus cascade design
    223 (2008) 10-16 Full Text
    M. Turek, B. Bandura, P. Dydo (Poland)
    Electrodialytic boron removal from SWRO permeate
    223 (2008) 17-22 Full Text
    Sarper Sarp, Sungyun Lee, X. Ren, Eunkyung Lee, Kyongmi Chon, Seok Ho Choi, Suhan Kim, I.S. Kim,, Jaeweon Cho (Korea)
    Boron removal from seawater using NF and RO membranes, and effects of boron on HEK 293 human embryonic kidney cell with respect to toxicities
    223 (2008) 23-30 Full Text
    W. Bouguerra, Amine Mnif, B. Hamrouni, M. Dhahbi (Tunisia)
    Boron removal by adsorption onto activated alumina and by reverse osmosis
    223 (2008) 31-37 Full Text
    N. Kabay (Turkey), M. Bryjak (Poland), S. Schlosser (Slovakia), N. Kitis (Turkey), S. Avlonitis (Greece), Z. Matejka (Czech Republic), I. Al-Mutaz (Saudi Arabia),
    M. Yuksel (Turkey)

    Adsorption–membrane filtration (AMF) hybrid process for boron removal from seawater: an overview
    223 (2008) 38-48 Full Text
    N. Kabay, S. Sarp, M. Yuksel, M. Kitis, H. Koseoglu, O. Arar (Turkey),
    M. Bryjak (Poland), R. Semiat (Israel)

    Removal of boron from SWRO permeate by boron selective ion exchange resins containing N-methyl glucamine groups
    223 (2008) 49-56 Full Text
    M. Bryjak, J. Wolska (Poland), N. Kabay (Turkey)
    Removal of boron from seawater by adsorption-membrane hybrid process: implementation and challenges
    223 (2008) 57-62 Full Text
    N. Kabay, O. Arar, F. Acar, A. Ghazal, U. Yuksel, M. Yuksel (Turkey)
    Removal of boron from water by electrodialysis: effect of feed characteristics and interfering ions
    223 (2008) 63-72 Full Text
    Peter Sehn (Germany)
    Fluoride removal with extra low energy reverse osmosis membranes: three years of large scale field experience in Finland
    223 (2008) 73-84 Full Text
    S. Velizarov, C. Matos, A. Oehmen, S. Serra, M. Reis, J. Crespo (Portugal)
    Removal of inorganic charged micropollutants from drinking water supplies by hybrid ion exchange membrane processes
    223 (2008) 85-90 Full Text
    V.V. Siyanytsya,, V.M. Kochkodan, V.V. Goncharuk (Ukraine)
    Natural organic matter removal from water by complexation-ultrafiltration
    223 (2008) 91-96 Full Text
    E. Arkhangelsky,Uri Goren, Vitaly Gitis (Israel)
    Retention of organic matter by cellulose acetate membranes cleaned with hypochlorite
    223 (2008) 97-105 Full Text
    Nese Ozturk, Duygu Kavak (Turkey)
    Boron removal from aqueous solutions by batch adsorption onto cerium oxide
    using full factorial design
    223 (2008) 106-112 Full Text
    M. Turek, P. Dydo, J. Trojanowska (Poland)
    Electrodialytic utilization of boron IE column post-regeneration lyes
    223 (2008) 113-118 Full Text
    M. Turek, B. Bandura, P. Dydo (Poland)
    The influence of concentrate alkalinity on electrodialytic boron transport
    223 (2008) 119-125 Full Text
    H. Koseoglu, N. Kabay, M. Yuksel, M. Kitis (Turkey)
    The removal of boron from model solutions and seawater using reverse osmosis membranes
    223 (2008) 126-133 Full Text
    N. Drouiche (Algeria), N. Ghaffour (Oman), H. Lounici, M. Mameri, A. Maallemi, H. Mahmoudi (Algeria)
    Electrochemcial treatment of chemical mechanical polishing wastewater - removal fluoride-sludege characteristics - operating cost
    223 (2008) 134-142 Full Text
    Mahmoud AbouSeoud, Rachida Maachi (Algeria), A. Amrane (France) , Samia Boudergua, Amina Nabi (Algeria)
    Evaluation of different carbon and nitrogen sources in production of biosurfactant by Pseudomonas fluorescens
    223 (2008) 143-151 Full Text
    N.K. Amin (Egypt)
    Removal of reactive dye from aqueous solutions by adsorption onto activated carbons prepared from sugar-cane bagasse pith
    223 (2008) 152-161 Full Text
    E-S.. Z. El-Ashtoukhy, N.K. Amin, O. Abdel Wahab (Egypt)
    Removal of lead (II) and copper (II) from aqueous solution using pomegranate peel
    as a new adsorbent
    223 (2008) 162-173 Full Text
    Nese Ozturk,, T. Ennil Kose (Turkey)
    A kinetic study of nitrite adsorption onto sepiolite and powdered activated carbon
    223 (2008) 174-179 Full Text
    Longina Stepniak, Urszula Kepa, Ewa Stanczyk-Mazanek (Poland)
    The research on the possibility of ultrasound field application in iron removal of water
    223 (2008) 180-186 Full Text
    Urszula Kepa, Ewa Stanczyk-Mazanek, Longina Stepniak (Poland)
    The use of the advanced oxidation process in the ozone+hydrogen peroxide system for the removal of cyanide from water
    223 (2008) 187-193 Full Text
    Heeseok Kim, Yonu-Kyoo Choung, Soojeung Ahn, Haeseok Oh (Korea)
    Enhancing nitrogen removal of piggery wastewater by membrane bioreactor combined with nitrification reactor
    223 (2008) 194-204 Full Text
    F. Hassaine-Sadi, Z. Boukhmikam (Algeria))
    Static purification–concentration process study of the system manganese, sulfuric acid-tri-n-octylamine
    223 (2008) 205-211 Full Text
    Hojeong Kim, Hye-Jin Hong, Y.-J. Lee, H.-J. Shin, Ji-Won Yang (Korea)
    Degradation of trichloroethylene by zero-valent iron immobilized in cationic-exchange membrane
    223 (2008) 212-220 Full Text
    Hye-Jin Hong, Hojeong Kim, K. Baek, Ji-Won Yang (Korea)
    Removal of arsenate, chromate and ferricyanide by cationic surfactant modified powdered activated carbon
    223 (2008) 221-228 Full Text
    P. Canizares, A. Perez, J. Llanos, G. Rubio (Spain)
    Preliminary design and optimisation of a PEUF process for Cr (VI) removal
    223 (2008) 229-237 Full Text
    Yassine Berbar, Mourad Amara, Hacene Kerdjoudj (Algeria)
    Anion exchange resin applied to a separation between nitrate and chloride ions in the presence of aqueous soluble polyelectrolyte
    223 (2008) 238-242 Full Text
    Gabriela Carja, Simona Ratoi, Gabriela Ciobanu, Ion Balasanian (Romania)
    Uptake of As(V) from aqueous solution by anionic clays type FeLDHs
    223 (2008) 243-248 Full Text
    Joanna Lach, Ewa Okoniewska, Ewa Neczaj, Malgorzata Kacprzak (Poland)
    The adsorption of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) on activated carbons in the presence of phenol
    223 (2008) 249-255 Full Text
    Ewa Okoniewska, Joanna Lach, Ewa Neczaj, Malgorzata Kacprzak (Poland)
    The trial of regeneration of used impregnated activated carbons after manganese sorption
    223 (2008) 256-263 Full Text
    N. El Hannafi, M.A. Boumakhla, T. Berrama, Z. Bendjama (Algeria)
    Elimination of phenol by adsorption on carbon activated prepared from the peach cores. modelling and optimisation
    223 (2008) 264-268 Full Text
    Khaled Bedoui, Imene Bekri-Abbes, Ezzeddine Srasra (Tunisia)
    Removal of cadmium (II) from aqueous solution using pure smectite and Lewatite S 100: the effect of time and metal concentration
    223 (2008) 269-273 Full Text
    Larbi Temdrara, Aïssa Khelifi, Abdelhamid Addoun, N. Spahis (Algeria)
    Study of the adsorption properties of lignocellulosic material activated chemically
    by gas adsorption and immersion calorimetry
    223 (2008) 274-282 Full Text
    Do-Hyung Kim, Min-Chul Shin, Hyun-Doc Choi, Chang-Il Seo,
    Kitae Baek (Korea)

    Removal mechanisms of copper using steel-making slag: adsorption and precipitation
    223 (2008) 283-289 Full Text
    Hyun-Doc Choi, Min-Chul Shin, Do-Hyong Kim, Kitae Baek (Korea)
    Removal characteristics of Reactive Black 5 using surfactant-modified activated carbon
    223 (2008) 290-298 Full Text
    Min-Chul Shin, Hyun-Doc Choi, Do-Hyung Kim, Kitae Baek (Korea)
    Effect of surfactant on reductive dechlorination of trichloroethylene by zero-valent iron
    223 (2008) 299-307 Full Text
    Musa Solener, Sibel Tunali, A. Safa Ozcan, Adnan Ozcan,
    Tevfik Gedikbey (Turkey)

    Adsorption characteristics of lead(II) ions onto the clay/poly(methoxyethyl)acrylamide (PMEA) composite from aqueous solutions
    223 (2008) 308-322 Full Text
    A. Bodalo, J.L. Gomez, E. Gomez, G. Leon, A.M. Hidalgo, M.A. Ruiz (Spain)
    Phenol removal from water by hybrid processes: study of the membrane process step
    223 (2008) 323-329 Full Text
    G. Leon, M.A. Guzman (Spain)
    Facilitated trasnport of copper through bulk liquid membranes containing different carriers: compared kinetic study
    223 (2008) 330-336 Full Text
    K. Hosni, S. Ben Moussa, A. Chachi, M. Ben Amor (Tunisia)
    The removal of PO43– by calcium hydroxide from synthetic wastewater: optimisation of the operating conditions
    223 (2008) 337-343 Full Text
    Krystyna Konieczny Michal Bodzek, Dorota Panek (Poland)
    Removal of volatile compounds from the wastewaters by use of pervaporation
    223 (2008) 344-348 Full Text
    Yimin Sang, Fasheng Li, Qingbao Gu, Cunzhen Liang, Jiaqing Chen (China)
    Heavy metal-contaminated groundwater treatment by a novel nanofiber membrane
    223 (2008) 349-360 Full Text
    Yeliz Asci, Macid Nurbas, Yesim Sag Acikel (Turkey)
    Recovery of zinc ions from a soil component Na-feldspar by a rhamnolipid biosurfactant
    223 (2008) 361-365 Full Text
    M. Boufatit, H. Ait-Amar (Algeria), W.R. McWhinnie (UK)
    Development of an algerian material montmorillonite clay - Intercalation with selective long chain alkylammonium cations (octadecytrimethylammonium, cetylpyridium and tetrabutylammonium) and with tellerium complexes
    223 (2008) 366-374 Full Text
    A.M. Alklaibi (Saudi Arabia)
    The potential of membrane distillation as a stand-alone desalination process
    223 (2008) 375-385 Full Text
    J. Phattaranawik, A.G. Fane, A. Pasquier, Wu Bing (Singapore)
    A novel membrane bioreactor based on membrane distillation
    223 (2008) 386-395 Full Text
    Francesca Macedonio, Enrico Drioli (Italy)
    Pressure-driven membrane operations and membrane distillation technology integration for water purification
    223 (2008) 396-409 Full Text
    Li-guang Wu, Jiang-nan Shen, Cong-jie Gao (China)
    Permeation of CO2 and CH4 through a 2-(N,N-dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate and acrylonitrile copolymeric membrane
    223 (2008) 410-416 Full Text
    N. Agoudjil, S. Kermadi (Algeria), A. Larbot (France)
    Synthesis of inorganic membrane by sol-gel process
    223 (2008) 417-424 Full Text
    Jiangnan Shen, Liguang Wu, Dinghai Wang, Congjie Gao (China)
    Sorption behavior and separation performance of novel facilitated transport membranes for CO2/CH4 mixtures
    223 (2008) 425-437 Full Text
    Zhou Yuan, Xi Dan-li (China)
    Porous PVDF/TPU blends asymmetric hollow fiber membranes prepared with the use of hydrophilic additive PVP (K30)
    223 (2008) 438-447 Full Text
    Ioannis Karagiannis, Petros Soldatos (Greece)
    Water desalination cost literature: Review and assessment
    223 (2008) 448-456 Full Text
    Salah Frioui, Rabah Oumeddour (Algeria)
    Investment and production costs of desalination plants by semi-empirical method
    223 (2008) 457-463 Full Text
    C. Rubio (Mexico), J. Uche, N. Dejo (Spain)
    Optimization of desalted water production in a poligeneration scheme for the tourist sector
    223 (2008) 464-475 Full Text
    Jan Olsson, Malin Snis, (Sweden)
    Reduce costs for storage and distribution of desalted water - Use duplex stainless steel!
    223 (2008) 476-486 Full Text
    Antonia Ketsetzi, Aggeliki Stathoulopoulou, Konstantinos D. Demadis (Greece)
    Being “green” in chemical water treatment technologies: issues, challenges and developments
    223 (2008) 487-493 Full Text
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