Desalination, Vol. 220 (2008)
    Desalination and the Environment
    European Desalination Society and
    Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH),
    22–25 April 2007, Sani Resort, Halkidiki, Greece

    Author Index

    Sabine Lattemann, Thomas Hoepner (Germany)
    Environmental impact and impact assessment of seawater desalination
    220 (2008) 1-15 Full Text
    Hani Abu Qdais (Amman, Jordan)
    Environmental impacts of the mega desalination project: the Red–Dead Sea conveyor
    220 (2008) 16-23 Full Text
    Mohamed Mustafa Elabbar (Libya)
    The Libyan experimental on the environmental impact assessment for desalination plants
    220 (2008) 24-36 Full Text
    François Vince, Emmanuelle Aoustin, Philippe Breant (France), Francois Maréchal (Switzerland)
    LCA tool for the environmental evaluation of potable water production
    220 (2008) 37-56 Full Text
    Arian Edalat (Iran)
    Implementation of ISO 14001:2004 (environmental management system standard) for reverse osmosis desalination plants for the first time in Iran
    220 (2008) 57-64 Full Text
    Morteza Asghari, Toraj Mohammadi, A. Aziznia, M.R. Danayi, S.H. Moosavi, Reza Fareghi Alamdari, Farima Agand (Tehran, Iran)
    Preparation and characterization of a thin continuous faujasite membrane on tubular porous mullite support
    220 (2008) 65-71 Full Text
    Iris Safrai, Zask Alon (Israel)
    Reverse osmosis desalination plants — marine environmentalist regulator point of view
    220 (2008) 72-84 Full Text
    Nidal Hilal, Mohammed Al-Abri,(UK) Antonio Moran, Spain), Hilal Al-Hinai (Sultanate of Oman)
    Effects of heavy metals and polyelectrolytes in humic substance coagulation under saline conditions
    220 (2008) 85-95 Full Text
    Ozer Gok, A.S. Ozcan, A. Ozcan (Turkey)
    Adsorption kinetics of naphthalene onto organo-sepiolite from aqueous solutions
    220 (2008) 96-107 Full Text
    Z. Salem, K. Hamouri, R. Djemaa, K. Allia (Algeria)
    Evaluation of landfill leachate pollution and treatment
    220 (2008) 108-114 Full Text
    A. Elhassadi (Libya)
    Horizons and future of water desalination in Libya
    220 (2008) 115-122 Full Text
    Demet Akgul, Mehmet Cakmakci, Necati Kayaalp, Ismail Koyuncu (Turkey)
    Cost analysis of seawater desalination with reverse osmosis in Turkey
    220 (2008) 123-131 Full Text
    J. Dreizin, A. Tenne, D. Hoffman (Israel)
    Integrating large scale seawater desalination plants within Israel’s water supply system
    220 (2008) 132-149 Full Text
    Joachim Gebel, Süleyman Yüce (Germany)
    A new approach to meet the growing demand of professional training for the operating and management staff of desalination plants
    220 (2008) 150-164 Full Text
    Franz Trieb, Hans-Muller-Steinhagen (Germany)
    Concentrating solar power for seawater desalination in the Middle East and North Africa
    220 (2008) 165-183 Full Text
    Abdulmonem Elhassadi (Libya)
    Views on Libyan national plan (LNP) to resolve water shortage problem (WSP).
    Part Ib: Great Man-Made River (GMMR) project — capital cost with interest rates
    220 (2008) 184-188 Full Text
    A.A. Elhassadi (Libya)
    Sea water intrusion in Derna located in the Green Mountain region, Libya —
    a threatening recurrent phenomenon calling for desalination
    220 (2008) 189-193 Full Text
    Noureddine Hamdi, Ezzeddine Srasra (Tunisia)
    Filtration properties of two Tunisian clays suspensions: effect of the nature of clay
    220 (2008) 194-199 Full Text
    Maria D. Kennedy, Joe Kamanyi, Bas G.J. Heijman, Gary Amy (The Netherlands)
    Colloidal organic matter fouling of UF membranes: role of NOM composition & size
    220 (2008) 200-213 Full Text
    K. Katsoufidou, S.G. Yiantsios, A.J. Karabelas (Greece)
    An experimental study of UF membrane fouling by humic acid and sodium alginate solutions: the effect of backwashing on flux recovery
    220 (2008) 214-227 Full Text
    Mike Jefferies (UK), Miguel Esteban Martin (Spain), Mariana Vodnar,
    Stefan Rybar and C. Bartels (USA)

    Pilot filtration study to reduce fouling on Marbella seawater RO plant
    220 (2008) 228-238 Full Text
    Sergio G. Salinas Rodríguez, Maria D. Kennedy, Aleid Diepeveen, Hilde Prummel, Jan C. Schippers (The Netherlands)
    Optimization of PACl dose to reduce RO cleaning in an IMS
    220 (2008) 239-251 Full Text
    Hassan E.S. Fath, Mohamed A. Ismail (Egypt)
    An online cleaning system to reduce demister fouling in MSF Sidi Krir Desalination Plant, 2 × 5000 m3/day
    220 (2008) 252-257 Full Text
    Mohamed Karime, S. Bouguecha, B. Hamrouni (Tunisia)
    RO membrane autopsy of Zarzis brackish water desalination plant
    220 (2008) 258-266 Full Text
    Heng Liang, Weijia Gong, Jie Chen, Guibai Li (China)
    Cleaning of fouled ultrafiltration (UF) membrane by algae during reservoir water treatment
    220 (2008) 267-272 Full Text
    Oluwaseun O. Ogunbiyi, N.J. Miles, N. Hilal (UK)
    The effects of performance and cleaning cycles of new tubular ceramic microfiltration membrane fouled with a model yeast suspension
    220 (2008) 273-289 Full Text
    Kamar Ouazzani, Jilali Bentama (Morocco)
    Bio-fouling in membrane processes: micro-organism/surface interactions, hydrodynamic detachment method
    220 (2008) 290-294 Full Text
    Brett Andrews, Bhasker Dave, Paloma Lopez-Serrano, Shih-Perng Tsai, Rich Frank, Mark Wilf (USA), Erineos Koutsakos (Cyprus)
    Effective scale control for seawater RO operating with high feed water pH and temperature
    220 (2008) 295-304 Full Text
    Sergio G. Salinas Rodríguez, Maria D. Kennedy, Hilde Prummel, Aleid Diepeveen, Jan C. Schippers (The Netherlands)
    PACl: A simulation of the change in Al concentration and Al solubility in RO
    220 (2008) 305-312 Full Text
    Parmod Budhiraja, Asma Ahmed Fares (UAE)
    Studies of scale formation and optimization of antiscalant dosing in multi-effect thermal desalination units
    220 (2008) 313-325 Full Text
    Jose M. Veza, Marta Ortiz, Jose J. Sadhwani, Juan E. Gonzalez,
    Francisco J. Santana (Spain)

    Measurement of biofouling in seawater: some practical tests
    220 (2008) 326-334 Full Text
    Chanhyuk Park, Young Haeng Lee, Sanghyup Lee, Seungkwan Hong
    (South Korea)

    Effect of cake layer structure on colloidal fouling in reverse osmosis membranes
    220 (2008) 335-344 Full Text
    A. Martinod (UK), M. Euvrard, A. Foissy (France), A. Neville (UK)
    Progressing the understanding of chemical inhibition of mineral scale by green inhibitors
    220 (2008) 345-352 Full Text
    H.L. Yang, C.P. Huang, J.R. Pan (Taiwan)
    Characteristics of RO foulants in a brackish water desalination plant
    220 (2008) 353-358 Full Text
    Khalid Al-Anezi, Daniel Johnson, Nidal Hilal (UK)
    An atomic force microscope study of calcium carbonate adhesion to desalination process equipment: effect of anti-scale agent
    220 (2008)3 59-370 Full Text
    Y.P. Zhang, T.H. Chong (Singapore), A.G. Fane (Singapore and Australia),
    A. Law (Singapore), H.G.L. Coster (Australia), H. Winters (USA)

    Implications of enhancing critical flux of particulates by AC fields in RO desalination and reclamation
    220 (2008) 371-379 Full Text
    V.M. Kochkodan, S.A. Tsarenko, N.G. Potapchenko, V.M. Kosinova,
    V.V. Goncharuk (Ukraine)

    Adhesion of microorganisms to polymer membranes: a photobactericidal effect of surface treatment with TiO2
    220 (2008) 380-385 Full Text
    Guolin Jing, Xiaoyu Wang, Chunjie Han (China)
    The effect of oilfield polymer-flooding wastewater on anion-exchange membrane performance
    220 (2008) 386-393 Full Text
    S. Ghizellaoui (Algeria), M. Euvrard (France)
    Assessing the effect of zinc on the crystallization of calcium carbonate
    220 (2008) 394-402 Full Text
    A. Boubakri, S. Bouguecha (Tunisia)
    Diagnostic and membrane autopsy of Djerba Island desalination station
    220 (2008) 403-411 Full Text
    M. Folley (UK), B. Penate Suarez (Spain), T.W.T. Whittaker (UK)
    An autonomous wave-powered desalination system
    220 (2008) 412-421 Full Text
    June Gibbons, Michael Papapetrou, C. Epp (Germany)
    Assessment of EU policy: Implications for the implementation of autonomous desalination units powered by renewable resources in the Mediterranean region
    220 (2008) 422-430 Full Text
    Alfredo Bermudez-Contreras, Murray Thomson, David G. Infield (UK)
    Renewable energy powered desalination in Baja California Sur, Mexico
    220 (2008) 431-440 Full Text
    Seval Sözen, Senem Teksoy (Turkey), Michael Papapetrou (Germany)
    Assessment of institutional and policy conditions in Turkey: implications for the implementation of autonomous desalination systems
    220 (2008) 441-454 Full Text
    Aggeliki Stefopoulou, Konstantinos Soulis (Greece), Michael Papapetrou (Germany), S. Kyritsis (Greece), C. Epp (Germany)
    Institutional and policy framework analysis in relation to the application of autonomous desalination systems, Greece
    220 (2008) 455-467 Full Text
    Rafika Mestiri, Ramzi Hadaji, Sassi Ben Nasrallah (Tunisia)
    The electrical discharge as a source of a mechanical energy
    220 (2008) 468-475 Full Text
    Stein Erik Skilhagen, Jon Dugstad, Rolf Jarle Aaberg (Norway)
    Osmotic power — power production based on the osmotic pressure difference between waters with varying salt gradients
    220 (2008) 476-482 Full Text
    M.A. Darwish, S. Alotaibi, Sorour Alotaibi (Kuwait)
    On the reduction of desalting energy and its cost in Kuwait
    220 (2008) 483-495 Full Text
    Edoardo Garibotti (Italy)
    Energy savings and better performances through variable speed drive application in desalination plant brine blowdown pump service
    220 (2008) 496-501 Full Text
    Brandon A. Moore, Eiki Martinson, Daniel Raviv (USA)
    Waste to water: a low energy water distillation method
    220 (2008) 502-505 Full Text
    Rosenberg J. Romero, A. Rodríguez-Martinez (Mexico)
    Optimal water purification using low grade waste heat in an absorption heat transformer
    220 (2008) 506-513 Full Text
    A.S. Nafey, M.A. Mohamad, M.A. Sharaf (Egypt)
    Enhancement of solar water distillation process by surfactant additives
    220 (2008) 514-523 Full Text
    Shaobo Hou, Zhongjin Zhang, Zhongzhou Huang, Aixia Xie (China)
    Performance optimization of solar multi-stage flash desalination process using Pinch technology
    220(2008)524-530 Full Text
    Penghui Gao, Lixi Zhang, Hefei Zhang (China)
    Performance analysis of a new type desalination unit of heat pump with humidification and dehumidification
    220 (2008) 531-537 Full Text
    Cemil Yamali, Ismail Solmus (Turkey)
    A solar desalination system using humidification dehumidification process: experimental study and comparison with the theoretical results
    220 (2008) 538-551 Full Text
    Shaobo Hou, Hefei Zhang (China)
    A hybrid solar desalination process of the multi-effect humidification dehumidification and basin type unit
    220 (2008) 552-557 Full Text
    E.S. Hrayshat, Aim E. Al-Rawajfeh (Jordan)
    A solar multiple effect distiller for Jordan
    220 (2008) 558-565 Full Text
    F. Banat, N. Jwaied (Jordan)
    Economic evaluation of desalination by small-scale autonomous solar powered membrane distillation units
    220 (2008) 566-573 Full Text
    Hussain Alrobaei (Libya)
    Novel integrated gas turbine solar cogeneration power plant
    220 (2008) 574-587 Full Text
    Ugo Bardi (Italy)
    Fresh water production by means of solar concentration: the AQUASOLIS project
    220 (2008) 588-591 Full Text
    Alessandro Scrivani, Ugo Bardi (Italy)
    A study of the use of solar concentrating plants for the atmospheric water vapour extraction from ambient air in the Middle East and Northern Africa region
    220 (2008) 592-599 Full Text
    Toufic El Asmar (Italy)
    REACt: self-sufficient renewable energy air-conditioning system for
    Mediterranean countries
    220 (2008) 600-611 Full Text
    Dirk Kruger, Yuvaraj Pandian, Klaus Hennecke, Mark Schmitz (Germany)
    Parabolic trough collector testing in the frame of the REACt project
    220 (2008) 612-618 Full Text
    Diego-Cesar Alarcon-Padilla, Lourdes Garcia-Rodríguez, Julián Blanco-Galvez, Wolfgang Gernjak, Sixto Malato-Rodriguez (Spain)
    First experimental results of a new hybrid solar/gas multi-effect distillation system:
    the AQUASOL project
    220 (2008) 619-625 Full Text
    Mario Reali, Giovanni Modica (Italy)
    Solar stills made with tubes for sea water desalting
    220 (2008) 626-632 Full Text
    Hazim Qiblawey, Fawzi Banat (Jordan)
    Solar thermal desalination technologies
    220 (2008) 633-644 Full Text
    R.K. Khanna, R.S. Rathore, C. Sharma (India)
    Solar still an appropriate technology for potable water need of remote villages of desert state of India “Rajasthan"
    220 (2008) 645-653 Full Text
    Luopeng Yang, Shengqiang Shen (China, PR)
    Experimental study of falling film evaporation heat transfer outside horizontal tubes
    220 (2008) 654-660 Full Text
    Kamel Daoud, Hassina Abchiche (Algeria)
    Hydrodynamic study of the granular flow in the solar dryer
    220 (2008) 661-668 Full Text
    S. Abdullah, O.O. Badran (Jordan)
    Sun tracking system for productivity enhancement of solar still
    220 (2008) 669-676 Full Text
    K. Kalidasa Murugavel, Kn.K.S.K. Chockalingam, K. Srithar (India)
    Progresses in improving the effectiveness of the single basin passive solar still
    220 (2008) 677-686 Full Text
    K. Kalidasa Murugavel, Kn.K.S.K. Chockalingam, K. Srithar (India)
    An experimental study on single basin double slope simulation solar still with thin layer of water in the basin
    220 (2008) 687-693 Full Text
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