Desalination, Vol. 188 (2006)

    Author Index

    Rita Hochstrat, Thomas Wintgens, Thomas Melin (Germany), Paul Jeffrey (UK)
    Assessing the European wastewater reclamation and reuse potential – a scenario analysis
    188(2006)1-8 Full Text
    Darko Joksimovic (UK), Jiri Kubik, Petr Hlavinek (Czeck Republic), Dragan Savic, Godfrey Walters (UK)
    Development of an integrated simulation model for treatment and distribution of reclaimed water
    188(2006)9-20 Full Text
    Roger Attwater, Jane Aiken, Gavin Beveridge, C.A. (Sandy) Booth, Chris Derry, Rezina Shams, Joel Stewart (Australia)
    An adaptive systems toolkit for managing the Hawkesbury water recycling scheme
    188(2006)21-30 Full Text
    Bethany Cooper, Lin Crase, Brian Dollery (Australia)
    Using choice modelling to reveal waste water preferences in regional Victoria
    188(2006)31-41 Full Text
    M.H. Muston, A. Wille (Australia)
    Operator experience with recycling in Australia
    188(2006)43-50 Full Text
    K. Polaskova, P. Hlavinek, R. Haloun (Czech Republic)
    Integrated approach for protection of an urban catchment area
    188(2006)51-59 Full Text
    Joel Stewart (Australia)
    Assessing supply risks of recycled water allocation strategies
    188(2006)61-67 Full Text
    J.C. Tapias, M. Himi, A. Masachs, C. Nieto (Spain), F. Brissaud (France), M. Salgot, A. Casas (Spain)
    Using electrical imaging for assessing suitability of reclaimed water recharge at Begur, Spain
    188(2006)69-77 Full Text
    Petrus L. du Pisani (Namibia)
    Direct reclamation of potable water at Windhoek’s Goreangab Reclamation Plant
    188(2006)79-88 Full Text
    M.J. Boake (Australia)
    Recycled water - case study: Gerringong Gerroa
    188(2006)89-96 Full Text
    W. Hird (Australia)
    Recycled water - case study: BlueScope Steel, Pt Kembla Steelworks
    188(2006)97-103 Full Text
    H. Chapman (Australia)
    WRAMS, sustainable water recycling
    188(2006)105-111 Full Text
    Long D. Nghiem, Andrea I. Schafer (Australia)
    Fouling autopsy of hollow-fibre MF membranes in wastewater reclamation
    188(2006)113-121 Full Text
    Peter Dillon, Paul Pavelic, Simon Toze, Stephanie Rinck-Pfeiffer, Russell Martin, Anthony Knapton, Don Pidsley (Australia)
    Role of aquifer storage in water reuse
    188(2006)123-134 Full Text
    Murray Goddard (Australia)
    Urban greywater reuse at the D'LUX Development
    188(2006)135-140 Full Text
    E. Huertas, M. Folch, M. Salgot, I. Gonzalvo, C. Passarell (Spain)
    Constructed wetlands effluent for streamflow augmentation in the Besos River (Spain)
    188(2006)141-147 Full Text
    R. Marks, R. Clark, E. Rooke, A. Berzins (Australia)
    Meadows, South Australia: development through integration of local water resources
    188(2006)149-161 Full Text
    Walter J. Weber, Jr. (USA)
    Distributed optimal technology networks: an integrated concept for water reuse
    188(2006)163-168 Full Text
    N. Apostolidis, N. Hutton (Australia)
    Integrated Water Management in brownfield sites - more opportunities than you think
    188(2006)169-175 Full Text
    B. Van der Bruggen, L. Braeken (Belgium)
    The challenge of zero discharge: from water balance to regeneration
    188(2006)177-183 Full Text
    S.S. Coutts (Australia)
    A recycled water strategy for regional urban communities
    188(2006)185-194 Full Text
    F. Naji, T. Lustig (Australia)
    On-site water recycling - a total water cycle management approach
    188(2006)195-202 Full Text
    Rama Chennamsetty, Isabel Escobar, Xinglong Xu (USA)
    Characterization of commercial water treatment membranes modified via ion beam irradiation
    188(2006)203-212 Full Text
    Jaeweon Cho, In S. Kim, Jihee Moon, Boksoon Kwon (Korea)
    Determining Brownian and shear-induced diffusivity of nano- and micro-particles for sustainable membrane filtration
    188(2006)213-216 Full Text
    V. Garcia-Molina, S. Esplugas (Spain), T. Wintgens, T. Melin (Germany)
    Ultrafiltration of aqueous solutions containing dextran
    188(2006)217-227 Full Text
    Pei-yong Qin, Cui-xian Chen, Yan-bin Yun, Zhen Chen (China, PR), Takuji Shintani (Japan), Xin Li, Ji-ding Li, Ben-hui Sun (China, PR)
    Formation kinetics of a polyphthalazine ether sulfone ketone membrane via phase inversion
    188(2006)229-237 Full Text
    M.M. Sharp, I.C. Escobar (USA)
    Effects of dynamic or secondary-layer coagulation on ultrafiltration
    188(2006)239-249 Full Text
    Yanbin Yun, Runyu Ma, Wenzhen Zhang (China, PR), A.G. Fane (Australia), Jiding Li (China, PR)
    Direct contact membrane distillation mechanism for high concentration NaCl solutions
    188(2006)251-262 Full Text
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