Desalination, Vol. 187 (2006)

    Author Index

    J.M. Anderson (Australia)
    Integrating recycled water into urban water supply solutions
    187(2006)1-9 Full Text
    Amit Chanan, Paul Woods (Australia)
    Introducing total water cycle management in Sydney: a Kogarah Council initiative
    187(2006)11-16 Full Text
    H.K. Colebatch (Australia)
    Governing the use of water: the institutional context
    187(2006)17-27 Full Text
    M. Salgot, E. Huertas, S. Weber (Germany), W. Dott, J. Hollender (Spain)
    Wastewater reuse and risk: definition of key objectives
    187(2006)29-40 Full Text
    S. Toze (Australia)
    Water reuse and health risks – real vs. perceived
    187(2006)41-51 Full Text
    S. Weber (Germany), S. Khan (Australia), J. Hollender (Germany)
    Human risk assessment of organic contaminants in reclaimed wastewater used for irrigation
    187(2006)53-64 Full Text
    G. Wade Miller (USA)
    Integrated concepts in water reuse: managing global water needs
    187(2006)65-75 Full Text
    John C. Radcliffe (Australia)
    Future directions for water recycling in Australia
    187(2006)77-87 Full Text
    D. Bixio, C. Thoeye (Belgium), J. De Koning, D. Joksimovic (The Netherlands), D. Savic (UK), T. Wintgens, T. Melin (Germany)
    Wastewater reuse in Europe
    187(2006)89-101 Full Text
    B. Janosova, J. Miklankova, P. Hlavinek (Czech Republic) , T. Wintgens (Germany)
    Drivers for wastewater reuse: regional analysis in the Czech Republic
    187(2006)103-114 Full Text
    Troy W. Hartley (USA)
    Public perception and participation in water reuse
    187(2006)115-126 Full Text
    T.K.K.B. Morgan (New Zealand)
    An indigenous perspective on water recycling
    187(2006)127-136 Full Text
    J.S. Marks (Australia)
    Taking the public seriously: the case of potable and non potable reuse
    187(2006)137-147 Full Text
    S. Baggett, P. Jeffrey, B. Jefferson (UK)
    Risk perception in participatory planning for water reuse
    187(2006)149-158 Full Text
    H.D. Friend, S.S. Coutts (Australia)
    Achieving sustainable recycled water initiatives through public participation
    187(2006)159-166 Full Text
    A.C. Hurlimann, J.M. McKay (Australia)
    What attributes of recycled water make it fit for residential purposes? The Mawson Lakes experience
    187(2006)167-177 Full Text
    Peter C. Ingram, Valerie J. Young, Mark Millan, Chu Chang, Tonia Tabucchi (USA)
    From controversy to consensus: The Redwood City recycled water experience
    187(2006)179-190 Full Text
    S.J. Khan, L.E. Gerrard (Australia)
    Stakeholder communications for successful water reuse operations
    187(2006)191-202 Full Text
    S. Dolnicar, C. Saunders (Australia)
    Recycled water for consumer markets — a marketing research review and agenda
    187(2006)203-214 Full Text
    S. Russell, G. Hampton (Australia)
    Challenges in understanding public responses and providing effective public consultation on water reuse
    187(2006)215-227 Full Text
    R. Harding (Australia)
    Ecologically sustainable development: origins, implementation and challenges
    187(2006)229-239 Full Text
    A.I. Schafer, S. Beder (Australia)
    Relevance of the precautionary principle in water recycling
    187(2006)241-252 Full Text
    F. Hernandez, A. Urkiaga, L. De las Fuentes (Spain), B. Bis (France), E. Chiru (Romania), B. Balazs (Hungary), T. Wintgens (Germany)
    Feasibility studies for water reuse projects: an economical approach
    187(2006)253-261 Full Text
    A. Urkiaga, L. De las Fuentes (Spain), B. Bis (France), E. Chiru Romania), B. Bodo (Humgary), F. Hernandez (Spain), T. Wintgens (Germany)
    Methodologies for feasibility studies related to wastewater reclamation and reuse projects
    187(2006)263-269 Full Text
    T. Melin (Germany), B. Jefferson (UK), D. Bixio, C. Thoeye, W. De Wilde (Belgium), J. De Koning, J. van der Graaf (The Netherlands) T. Wintgens (Germany)
    Membrane bioreactor technology for wastewater treatment and reuse
    187(2006)271-282 Full Text
    Long D. Nghiem, Nadine Oschmann, Andrea I. Schafer (Australia)
    Fouling in greywater recycling by direct ultrafiltration
    187(2006)283-290 Full Text
    G.W. Meindersma, C.M. Guijt, A.B. de Haan
    Desalination and water recycling by air gap membrane distillation
    187(2006)291-301 Full Text
    Long D. Nghiem, Andrea I. Schafer (Australia)
    Critical risk points of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis processes in water recycling applications
    187(2006)303-312 Full Text
    Sangyoup Lee, Wui Seng Ang, Menachem Elimelech
    Fouling of reverse osmosis membranes by hydrophilic organic matter: implications for water reuse
    187(2006)313-321 Full Text
    A. Lopez, A. Pollice, A. Lonigro, S. Masi, A.M. Palese, G.L. Cirelli, A. Toscano, R. Passino
    Agricultural wastewater reuse in southern Italy
    187(2006)323-334 Full Text
    Gideon Oron, Leonid Gillerman, Amos Bick, Nisan Buriakovsky, Yossi Manor, Elkana Ben-Yitshak, Ludmilla Katz, Josef Hagin
    A two stage membrane treatment of secondary effluent for unrestricted reuse and sustainable agricultural production
    187(2006)335-345 Full Text
    A. Aharoni, H. Cikurel
    Mekorot's research activity in technological improvements for the production of unrestricted irrigation quality effluents
    187(2006)347-360 Full Text
    Ajay Sharma, Nanjappa Ashwath (Australia)
    Land disposal of municipal effluents: importance of choosing agroforestry systems
    187(2006)361-374 Full Text
    K.S. Taylor, M. Anda, J. Sturman, K. Mathew, G. Ho (Australia)
    Subsurface dripline tubing - an experimental design for assessing the effectiveness of using dripline to apply treated wastewater for turf irrigation in Western Australia
    187(2006)375-385 Full Text
    Andrea Schäfer, Stuart Khan and Michael Muston
    Integrated Concepts in Water Recycling 2005 Conference Summary from the Organising Committee • EDITORIAL
    187, 188(2006) ix- Full Text
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